Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our halls are decked!!

I would love to put up more decorations and lights but I think I'm just done. I've been working on it for about a week - okay maybe two weeks. I really have some other things I want to work on, so I'm leaving the rest of the decor in storage!! The first picture is part of our Christmas village we got for next to nothing a few years ago after Christmas.

This is my favorite thing!! I love my ornaments hanging from the lights.

This is an old desk I inherited from my Nanny. It's perfect in our entry way and I added a few happy Christmas things to the top!

And below are my elves - i LOVE them!!

And the tree.....

I just love Christmas and love having all the decorations around! It just makes everything better in life. Cole seems to be confused this year - we've always put the tree up early, usually even earlier than we did this year - but he seems to think Santa is coming every single day. He woke up yesterday morning at about 5:30 and ran in our room, crying. He said he's had a bad dream. I just patted his back and kissed his face, wiping away his tears and tried to get him back to sleep. I asked him when he woke up for school what he dreamed about and he said he dreamed he didn't get any presents. How sad. Then we go into the living room for some before school cartoons and he says "See, Santa didn't come" so I had to explain to him how many days we have left until Christmas. He keeps saying is it Christmas yet, when's Santa coming? So I'll be so glad when Saturday gets here and we can start our countdown to Christmas calendar! Maybe that'll help!!

Well, got a few things to do before heading out to the scrapbook store. Have a wonderful evening!! ~L

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