Monday, November 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

It's been awhile since I've blogged - as usual! I'm going to make it a resolution to do better and post at least once a week!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did. It was nice - lots of family, food and football. Although the football part of the holiday weekend wasn't so great. Jason and I started our diet again today. Recovery from the feast we had on Thursday. I really want to lose about 20 more pounds, but would love to lose ten by Christmas but I'm not sure it'll happen. I'm trying!! I will have to make myself get on the treadmill tomorrow. I didn't do it today, but honestly - it was quite a day. I had to go to the dentist today and it was horrible. I hate the dentist. I've always hated the dentist. Thanks to Dr. Duke - and he's an Auburn fan, so that should explain a lot. I just remember a really bad experience as a child and since then I avoid the dentist until it is no longer avoidable and sit there white knuckled the whole time. I mean, couldn't they just hand me a cd player and let me play some Kenny Chesney while I'm laying there trying to remember to breath? Maybe next time I go, I'll try that. I don't have an IPod but my phone plays tunes just as well and I have headphone for it. That's something I'm going to look into. The ONLY good thing about the dentist is it's right next door to a scrapbook store! So BONUS - just like the old days when I didn't cry too badly and got to go to TG&Y and get a Barbie or a new Barbie dress with matching shoes. So after the dentist, I stepped next door and got some goodies. Doodlebug Christmas paper is so cute - better then the stuff last year that looked all the same for every holiday - just different colors. It's really cute this year! And got some other cool things I'm hoping to play with soon. I'm in desperate need of some crop time. Just being away from home and cropping - I want that so badly. Its just different to be away from home, no dishes or laundry calling while you are trying to focus!!

I haven't done too much scrapbooking lately but I have worked on a few things. I copied an idea from someone and used Cole's hand and footprints to make some Christmas canvases.

And I made a cute little Ho Ho Ho for my mom. She saw it in a magazine and wanted something similar and I think I accomplished it. Although, now I want one for myself!!

And I was going to post pictures of my holiday decorating but I think I'll wait until tomorrow - that will make me post again without waiting more than a week!! woo hoo

Happy Holidays and I don't mean that in a politically correct way because I'm scared to saw Merry Christmas - I really mean Happy Holidays - nothing political about it, just what I like to say! Merry Christmas too and HO HO HO!!


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*kim* said...

Your blog is so full of Christmas cheer!!!! Your ideas are great. I will definitely check back to see what other Christmas Goodness you post.



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