Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Good Morning! It's a lovely, well gloomy day here in Hoover. The sun isn't really out there yet this morning - hopefully it will peak through the clouds soon and be a bright and shiny day! We are planning to spend the day with family. We're cooking out for lunch at a cousin's house and they have a pool too - so the kids will be splashing around all day. Tonight, I'm really hoping to be able to catch the fireworks somewhere. It's too loud for Cole, but if there was anywhere we could sit in the car and watch them without hearing them - I would be all over it! I miss seeing the fireworks go off over the Vulcan's head and listening to the local country station play the soundtrack for the fireworks. It always ended with God Bless the USA when I was younger. I can remember sitting in a random parking lot downtown surrounded by trucks and cars with their radios blasting. It was always hot, always crowded and loud - but it was wonderful. I loved it every single year. It's been at least ten years since I've seen those fireworks but I can remember it like it was yesterday! The very last time I saw them was in 1997, in the parking lot of an apartment complex with one of our good friends, David Morgan. We were just hanging out and having a great holiday. I hope today will be lots of the same - fun times, good food (although it's still only meat for us Atkins dieters) and a great show in the sky!! I'm sure Jason has no idea how much I want to see the fireworks, but I hope we can make it work!!!

Last year, sadly I can't even remember what we did. I know that at some point everyone came to our house. Michael, my nephew, rode with us from where we were to our house. I really wanted a few pictures of us together on the holiday. Michael gladly obliged and took several pics of us! He did a great job, too! Here's the best of the bunch!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday today and spend it remembering the past holidays - I know two years ago we were stuck in Memphis and missing our family, but my cousin, her husband and the kids came to spend it with us. We rode the Riverboat in the Mississippi, we watched the fireworks over Mud Island from the interstate in Arkansas. It was a great day!!!


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Chemo Mom Tammy said...

Happy Fourth of July! This time last year we were at DISNEY WORLD!!! WHOO! That is the Greatest Fireworks Show On Earth! The year before that, we were inpatient here at USACWH...that is the reason we are doing the party at the hospital today!
I miss you, even though I still probably talk to you just as much online haha! Just knowing you are 4 hrs away is sad!


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