Saturday, July 7, 2007

Got some scrapping done this week!! I did the latest Scrapjacked challenge and got a layout done about the fourth of July. I forgot my camera so I only took pictures with my camera phone. They turned out OK, but these two were taken once we got home from all the family fun. And I did a silly layout about the websites I check out everyday after reading my email. So that's all I've been doing. Well, that's not true. I've been working on layouts for circle journals and working on a journal for a swap at SIStv. I made a dry erase board for my kitchen from the webisode that Courtney did on SIStv. AND I'm working on converting my cousins into scrappers! Bailey and I worked on a mini book for her about her time at the beach this summer. And Hunter just got back from church camp and will have tons of pics, so we'll be starting her mini book too. I think they are coming over today so we'll be busy again! I love that they'll do this with me. I'm hoping their mom will get into it too. It would be so much fun for us to do this together - take classes and all kinds of fun stuff. I'm hoping that my cousin will want to attend the next Scrap Etc Event with me. It's really going to be so much fun!!! I hope she'll go for it. Ok - enough rambling - here's pics of what I've been up to!

{the fourth}
{what I do every morning}
in case you can't tell - The Paper Place, Scrap Etc., SIStv, Nitty.Gritty

and this came from SIStv - watch the webisodes - they are great!
ok - gotta get outta here - need to go to the grocery store!


Sandie said...

Great layouts, love the idea of doing a LO about the sites you visit each day!

cinnibonbon said...

Hey, I really enjoyed reading about your scrapping adventures. You have some nice layouts too. I see you made a dry erase board too, I so enjoyed that webisode I made two!! Keep up the good work and best wishes on converting your family over to the scrapping "bad" side..LOL

Sarah Youde said...

Well done on the dry erase board, that webisode was fab wasn't it?

staceyfike said...

great jack!! cute kit too!!

staceyfike said...

ummm....kid not kit lol!!


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