Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where has the time gone?

I haven't posted in a while. You'd think I'd been really busy right? Too busy to post? Not really! I have gotten a lot done lately, but nothing truly important in the grand scheme of things!

The last time I posted I had been scrapbooking over the weekend. I did that again this past weekend. I went to Escape Night and managed to get five layouts done (one which was picked up for the Gallery at Basic Grey - which is a HUGE thing in my book), worked on two mini books, finished up my Scrap Happy journal from a class taken at the Scrap Etc. Event last March. And altered another journal for a swap I'm in at SIStv. So I was busy. And have had fun scrapping. My SOY entry is still not finished though and that needs to be my next focus. I just have to print two layouts, and make my cover, which I did last week, but decided it was too cheesy! So I'm thinking of redoing it. I'm undecided. I think I'm going to try to go print today, leave it in Kinkos trustworthy hands and have them do something else with it for me, then I'll work on the cover last!!

In the outside scrapping world - lots has been going on. I'm still waiting for the state to issue me certificate so I can apply for jobs. This is taking forever! But I've done all I can - so now it's the waiting game!

In the Cole world - he's now growing! Well, at least, he's begun taking his growth hormone injections. We started last Wednesday and it isn't as hard as we thought, but he still fusses when he sees it coming. Can't say I blame him, but I hope soon, he'll just get used to it and not fuss so much - that makes us feel so much worse! But we're committed to doing this for as long as it takes - so we're not giving in to the fits he may pitch - but we are buying little goodies to butter him up with so he won't hate us after we stick him every night! That's ok right? :)

I think this week, besides all the other things I want to accomplish, we're going to start working on some school stuff for Cole. I found a great book that's specifically for the summer before 1st grade. We want to do all we can so that he's always a bit ahead. He's got to get the basics down so well that the next, more complicated level will be doable. The little things we've have to deal with now (shoe insoles, balance issues, eye patching and glasses and growth hormones) are just the beginning I guess. He can develop a learning disability as well. Me being the mom/teacher I am, I don't want that to happen so we'll do all we can to make sure he can do it all when the time comes.

Well, Cole is begging for attention - not really begging but can't get to what he wants, so he needs me! Gotta run!



scrapcat said...

sounds like you did a lot!!!

and hugs to cole! sounds like a trooper!

kelly said...

lisa... i am soo jealous ... you have been a scrappin queen.. we miss you down here in no deal mobile... i mailed my soy stuff ... i didnt make a cover though.. because i didnt have time ..seans gmotherdied so we are dealing with alot...soo i went ahead and sent it... good luck to you... illbe waitiing on the 30 to see if i get a call...

lol-- thanks for giving me a lil inspiration to send it...'
love you girl

susan opel said...

Hi Lisa! I've been visiting all of the blogs of my favorite SISters from SIStv, and you are the last, because you were my first SIS!

So, have you mailed it yet? I have everything ready, but I want my sister to look at it one last time before I mail it tomorrow. She's been in LA since Tuesday.

Hooray for us! We did it! What an accomplishment, and win or lose, we have some great layouts to be proud of!

Paulette said...

You ARE the scrappin' queen! You rock! Love your blog--I'm going to add you to my list of inspiring scrappers, if you don't mind...

Yes, it is okay that you are giving your sweet little man goodies for taking the growth hormone shots! He's been through so much--he deserves as many treats as you can give him!!!


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