Monday, July 9, 2007

For some strange reason I can no longer title my posts here. I'm not sure why though, the box is there for a title, but I can't click inside it! hmmmmm......

Anyway, if it were going to have a title it would be: Gone Digital? I did a digital layout last night while playing around with some Cole pictures! It's ok, but I really prefer real paper and scissors and all that. I like playing with it but I LOVE my real life supplies! The supplies I used came from Scrap Girls. I really just like doing a digital page to post on Cole's Caringbridge page. Then when people come visit his site they see a little more than the one picture that Caringbridge is set up to hold. So you can see it here on Cole's Page! Yes I could post it here, but then you wouldn't go check out Cole's page and get pulled into our little world more. He has traveled an amazing journey and I can't do it justice if I don't send you over there to check it out! So, you'll just have to venture over and check out the journal history as well!

So, I've been working on a few projects. A mini album made out of giant playing cards is first. And it's almost done. I need to print out some journaling today and then embellish. And I'm making a cute little banner to put up in Cole's toy room. Can't wait to finish that. And I'm thinking about making one for decor at the baby shower we'll be doing soon for my cousin Jason and his wife Melanie. Hopefully we'll know about pink or blue on Wednesday!! I can't wait to find out!

We are currently a one computer family - which stinks - while the laptop is in the shop - again!!! So Jason needs to check his email and I'm sure Cole will want to play at some point. But right now, he's jamming out to CMT. That's what he asks for every morning - not cartoons, but CMT videos!!! Crazy Kid!



Michelle said...

I LOVE your blog banner. Is it a digikit or did you design it yourself?

Anonymous said...

CMT is awesome to jam out to! WTG, Cole!

Post pics of your projects when you can..we can't wait to see! I'm particularly interested in Cole's banner and the playing card album...hmmm...sounds cool...


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