Friday, June 1, 2007

where has the time gone

hey there! i haven't updated in forevah! so much has happened in the last week or so. last friday we sold the house - signed papers and everything - its a done deal. we left saturday for b'ham and stopped to look at apartments on the way. we found one we really liked but didn't have any of the info we needed with us. it's been so long since we had an apartment, we just thought they did a credit check and that was it, but we needed pay stubs and such instead. we took care of that via fax and found out tuesday afternoon we were in! so, house sold - check, cute big apartment found - check, now the st. jude news......Clear Scans which is a wonderful thing! cole had to go through a growth hormone test and he is growth hormone deficiet. this is what we were expected, so not a big shock at all. it'll be about 4-6 weeks before he begins the shots. we don't know who our supplier will be, or in what form we'll get it. hopefully something as simple as a pen - which is just ready to go, instead of us having to draw up the shot. we should know in a few weeks how it will all go down. not something exciting but at least it will help him grow. we are really having a hard time finding pants and shorts for him. i'm stuck with elastic stuff - and that's hard to find in boys unless it's something athletic, not denim or khakis.

i've been lurking more than posting on SIStv lately. With all that's going on, i haven't had time to sit on the computer too much sadly. And i got some really cute stuff at Scrap Etc. last week and brought a few things with me to memphis to work on, and forgot my exacto knife so i couldn't do any of what i had planned. oh well - at least i'm at my mom and dad's now and there are exacto knives around. the new ScRaPjAcK is up and the new WORD challenge One Little Word is up too. I have ideas for both plus Nitty.Gritty. Jody posted a challenge on SIStv and I have the perfect idea for it - no picture yet though. The bad news is - I have no time to scrap. We are moving next weekend - so i'll have maybe one afternoon, if i'm lucky to get some pages done, plus finish up my portfolio for the SOY contest. GEEZ!!

The good news about our apartment though is the laundry room is right off the kitchen and has four cabinets on the wall over the washer and dryer, and a closet (which should be a pantry, but the kitchen has enough cabinets, i won't need it for that) so I can put all my goodies in those cabinets and in that pantry and I'll be good to go! The kitchen has a breakfast bar too and it'll be the perfect spot for me to scrap!! And I'm really thinking about doing this this cute little thing that Heidi Swapp posted on her blog a week or so ago - it's a crafty arty center - very CUTE!!

ok - cole is bugging me for a turn on the computer - so i'm outta here!


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