Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another day and two more layouts

I did these two last night and didn't post until today because I was waiting until I hooked up my scanner, but scanning the last one wasn't working, so I ended up just taking a picture. So here's my ScrapJacked layout! I loved the layout they've posted for Jacking, but it's really different my normal style, so it put me out of the box a little. I loved the idea of just scrapping a list of some sort and may make a mini album with lists - I am a list maker at heart and get it honest (my mom does it too). So it gave me more ideas than just this layout - so thanks to you ScrapJackers!! Here's the final layout with a few close ups:

And now on to the One Little Word challenge. I love these too. They are on the third challenge and I've done all of them - just love it! I had so many idea for this word - which was "my". I really wanted to do a layout with Jason but he's so difficult when it comes to picture taking so it rarely happens. And then I thought of a few cute ideas for Cole layouts but I decided to do something different. Jason and I just started our diet Thursday. So I decided to do a layout about what we are eating. The title of my layout is "MY diet. Atkins style." Here it is and a few close ups since you couldn't see the Hambly in the big shot:

So that's what I've been doing. Cole and Jason are 'so bored' hanging out inside. They've gone to the pool for the third day in a row. First Cole says he doesn't want to go, then the next thing you know, he walks into the living room, naked, and says 'I'm ready for the pool' and we say 'Oh no you're not - you can't go naked!' He thinks this is so funny! I'm just glad he's enjoying the pool. I'll make it out there one day, just not really crazy about showing that much of myself in public. I have issues, I know!

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Lynn said...

Love your take on the word "MY"!

one little word

-karen (akaliz) said...

great stuff! love your work!

Michelle said...

Love your layouts!

I'vew never stopped by here before... Love your blog banner!! :)

Lis said...

Both are fantastic layouts :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Great layouts!! I just love these challenges!! They really inspire me to scrap!


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