Friday, June 8, 2007

moving is hard work

so we're moving sunday. hopefully everything we have will fit in the uhaul and our cars. we've been packing all week and are having a yard sale tomorrow with what appears to be much less than i originally thought. i just hope someone buys it because i don't want it.

in the process of moving, we are switching utilities and that's such a pain. the cable they offer isn't so great, the internet is different, so that means new email addresses. what a pain. and i have to change my email with about a million places. including blogger - right here - and i can't figure it out. oh what a mess huh? most of the places i frequent online have an easy way to change your email but this blogger stuff is bugging me - i deleted my old email and it has my gmail address but i can't find how to add another. what a bummer.

anyway, i have about twenty scrapping ideas in my head right now - a few challenges i want to complete, along with a few projects i want to start or finish and all my scrap goodness is packed away in nice boxes waiting to be relocated. i was so excited about this apartment at first - there's a sun room. we don't need a sunroom so i was thinking - scrap room! yeah! but then i realized that was a bit selfish when my son has so many toys. he would so love his own toy room, so he's getting it. he'll be so happy in there and i won't have to step on toys in the living room, which is smaller than our current living room. so all is well. but then i was thinking, where's my stuff going to go? well the kitchen is bigger - twice the size of our current kitchen. and there is a pantry/washer/dryer room off to the side. well i won't need a pantry since my kitchen is so stinking big - so the panty is now my 'creative closet' maybe?? and the cabinets over the washer/dryer will be my space too. so i'll have a nice closet filled with shelves and four pretty nice sized cabinets for storage too. and in the kitchen there is a low bar that's perfect for scrapping. it means i'll have to clean up my space when i'm done probably, but that's okay. i also got a cute little chip/dip tray from target and some random clear acrylic cups to use with it so i can make my own little crafty station like Heidi Swapp talked about on her blog a while back - she saw it in rachel ray's magazine i believe. so i'm excited!! besides moving back near my family, i'm just excited about being in the 'big city' again and near my family and hoping to catch up with some old friends maybe and there is a wonderful scrapbook store within two miles - Scrap Etc. - so this move is a GOOD THING! (the email changing, not so good though!!)



Jen said...

Best wishes with the move, garage sale and - especially - your new scrap space!

kelly said...

i know you are soo happy lisa... we will all miss you ...
please remember to keep in touch... good luck on the soy entry..tooo...

ill be coming to birmingham in sept im not sure where yet..ill let you know..soo maybe we can get together and meet at the scrap store..

Anonymous said...

Miss you down here but I know that you will be happier up there. Next time you go to Scrap ETC touch something new and think of me smiling at you from down here.

Wendi : )


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