Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm trying, I'm trying..........

Last night I did this wonderfully long post where you could click on a link to Jody Ferlaak's Blog and see the list of all the designers for the NEW Scrap In Style TV site. I finally figured out how to make Jody's name be the link to her blog, instead of typing out the blog address. I was in the middle of doing that and messed up everything - so maybe I didn't really know what I was doing after all.

ANYWAY - go here >>>Scrap In Style TV<<< and you can check it all out. It's a great site for getting to know others in the crafting hobby that is scrapbooking, getting inspiration, seeing cute little webesiodes about scrapbooking with famous designers - all kinds of cool stuff!!! So check it out! Yesterday, you could have hit all the designers blogs and commented and been eligible for a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) which was loads of fun and I spent WAY too much time in front of the computer doing just that and saving the blogs in my google bookmarks so I could continue to stalk them!

So onto other things - here's a little run down of the last week. Put the house on the market Wednesday (sign in the yard and all that), two different people came and looked at it on Thursday, got an offer Friday to which we counter offered, got an acceptance on our offer Saturday, and Monday had the dreaded inspection. It seems there are a few issues - but we aren't sure what they are yet. We know we have a leaky sink but we just discovered it while we were packing up some things so we'll be fixing that. And there is some rotten trim on the outside of the house. Which had me googling "termites" and "carpenter ants" so we could figure out the bad news. Just carpenter ants - so that's better then termites, I guess, but either way the trim had to come down - so Jason was busy on that yesterday evening and I ran to Lowe's with my trusty sidekick Cole and got new trim of all sorts, longer nails, a baby saw and trim paint. YUCK YUCK YUCK! Why oh why didn't WE have an inspection done before we bought this house so that this would have been found then and they would have fixed it. We just want it taken care of ASAP so that we can close and start finding a place of our own in the B'ham area. We are probably aiming for a rental home or apartment for now until we can really see where we want to live and once we both have jobs, we will really know where we want to live!! So lots of stuff happening. My parents are coming back this weekend to haul a load home for us. I have boxes of things already packed up, toys, winter clothes, linens, etc. Anything they can take and store will be a big help to us in the meantime. This is a lot of work - this selling your house, packing up all your stuff - stuff! We do have a lot of things!!!

On to other topics - I am working on entering a contest - a big contest which requires a lot of work from me. I'm up for the challenge but am not sure my 'work' is good enough. I hate feeling that way. I hope to get a few more things done on this project and have everything taken care of very soon. It's time consuming which is ok, but I hate dragging out all the stuff I need and then if someone calls to look at the house, I have to clean it all up quickly. We are still planning on showing the house just in case something happens with this first offer. Better safe than sorry!! So anyway, I'm itching to be creative but then seem dissapointed with what I've done. I'm just not in the right frame of mind for it I guess! I don't know!

So that's really all that's going on here. I'm hoping to work on the latest ScrapJacked challenge soon and on my contest entry too! Lots of scanning and stitching to do to get that all together. Hope everyone has a lovely day. Say a little prayer that the inspection didn't turn up anything terrible and that we'll still be good on this offer and will close soon!!!!!

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Becca said...

Congrats to you for challenging yourself.

As for blogger help--I'll show you how to post links & stuff if you'll tell me how you added the counter to your page! I wasted about 30 minutes of my life trying to do that! *sigh* I miss the old Blogger...

So glad you found Scrap In Style TV--welcome!!! : )



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