Monday, May 7, 2007

I did it - I'm a graduate!

I finally did it - I'm a college graduate now! Can you believe it? What a relief - I'm so glad I'm done. Now I can get a real job and receive a real paycheck and geez - do grown up stuff like not depending on my parents so much to bail me out when I need money! Took me long enough I guess!

Anyway - I'm working on a few projects - well on one and thinking about another. I REALLY want to make a cool apron - the old fashioned kind that just ties around the waist with some cute ric-rak and a fun pocket or pockets if I get brave. I never follow a pattern. I've made a small quilt for Cole and many various handbags, but never anything by a pattern. I just don't want to follow a pattern either, I was to just try something on my own. So today I'm heading to Hobby Lobby to look and see what I like. Fabric, ricrak - whatever and see if I'm brave enough to try!

I'm also thinking about the CK SOY contest. I never try anything - I never try to enter contests or get my layouts published - nothing really. I entered the Scrapjack challenge and one on another website so I'm feeling a little more brave! Maybe I'll do it. I just can't decide yet if I'm good enough, or brave enough to do it. And do I even have a personal style? I'm not sure. So I may not do it - but thinking about it and reading all the rules and such is better than not thinking about it I guess! So we'll see.

And last but not least - our house is going on the market this week. It should happen today but we haven't heard from our agent yet. I still have Cole's room to tackle, and the linen closet - it really must be done before anyone comes to see the house!!!! So I'm on the hunt for boxes today and hopefully will be able to knock out some packing and decluttering today and tomorrow and then I'm sure the first person who looks at it will want it and it'll be a done deal. RIGHT? Oh how I wish it would sell quickly!!

Well, time to take Colie Molie to school! What a joy - he hates it now that I'm not at the same school with him. He doesn't get the whole 'graduation' thing and what a good thing it is that I'm done! So I have to trick him every day and tell him I'll be around in the school somewhere - even though I'm hitting HL and the LSS!! Don't tell Cole!

see ya

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kelly said...

im soo happy for you lisa.... kim an i were talking earlier this am... about you moving... we have really enjoyed hanging out with you..and what an example and inspiration you are to others... we will really miss you when you move..i know we will be making some trips up visit you adn the scrap etc store.
so haev us a nap pad ready..lolol

tell cole hi!!!


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