Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here Ya Go!

The girls over at SIStv are all awesome and have got me motivated to blog more often. So here it is - two days in a row! Not that I have that much to talk about really but I do have a layout to post. I've been following the One Little Word Blog Land finally had time last night to do the layout. I like it - it's not my usual stuff, but it's things I really wanted to say to Cole! So I like it and am glad for the challenge! So here ya GO......

I just used a piece of Bazzill cardstock and dug thru my letters so I could spell GO a few times. I think three sets are Heidi Swapp, one is Lil' Davis Letters, one is Scenic Route and then one I can't remember (it's the black and white third from the bottom). I then took my 7 Gypsies stamp that one of the girls at my table at the Scrap Etc. Event talked me into buying (so didn't need much convincing, she actually just showed me hers and I loved it) and stamped around the corner up there. I {heart} that stamp and don't use it nearly enough, but don't want to over use it either. Anyway - there ya go. Go check out the blog and do the challenges - so fun!

Well, school is over for Cole. Technically they have to go Thursday and Friday but he's not wanting to go so I'm not wanting to get up and take him :) He had his end of the year party today. The monkey's were a hit! The parents that were there were all "oh, he's moving!!" so I'm so glad I gave out the info for his website and my email! I really hope they keep in touch. I will email them all back and keep them updated on Cole. One of the other kindergarten teachers even said she was just going to miss him so much and that a parent of one of her kids said they couldn't believe Cole wouldn't be there next year. That made me so proud of my little man! I know why I love him so, but it's nice to see that others love him and want him around!!! He really has a way of touching people I guess and leaving an impression. I know his teacher has done that for me. She is so sweet. I'll forever be grateful that he had her first! I know I remember my first teacher and she's part of the reason why I wanted to teach myself. I hope he'll always remember Mrs. Foster. She really gave me support as a parent and a future teacher. She's leaving his school though and going somewhere closer to home. I'm so glad we got her before she left. I can't imagine having anyone else as his first teacher.

We also stopped in to visit my fourth graders. I did my student teaching semester with them and LOVED them all! I really have missed them. My one little favorite wasn't there though and I hate that I missed him. I'll probably never see him again. He was something - a real challenge for me some days, but such a sweetheart! And actually I can't even say he was my ONE favorite, because I really loved them all and was so surprised that the one that gave me the most trouble - attitude and eye rolling - I swear she hugged me five times!!! They all wanted me to sign their yearbook too! How sweet is that?? Oh, I miss them!

Ok, back to Cole, he doesn't want to go back - he said he was done and waiting for summer now - no more school! He is still a little sick. We did go to the drs office today and it's a roto virus (if i'm spelling that correctly). Anyway, nothing we can do but wait it out. So as long as we stay close to the potty - he's happy! Hopefully it'll work itself out in the next day and we won't have to worry about it while we travel!

OK - so I'm out of here - I've got todays episode of Days of Our Lives to watch and I think Cole is almost napping. Plus I have two more SOY layouts to do!!! I really love the one I just finished and so wish I could post it - but I can't - but it's sweet and it's Cole and his teacher!! Oh, I just love it! And she liked it - which means a lot! Ok, now I'm really out of here! I hear Cole playing, so he's not out yet, but so tired. This virus is wearing him out - me too, a little!!



Emine Pazan said...

beautiful layout girl...

Yay SISTV rocks


Lynn said...

great layout!

one little word

jess said...

LOVe your "go" layout!!!

Great work!!!

Xx Jess

Us said...

hi! thanks for stopping by my blog. i love your was very touching and i love the pic that you used for it.

i {heart} days of our lives, but i haven't watched in months..ok, years, but i noticed that my man is gone...please tell me where Shawn D is???

Bonafyde said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog and showing me some love! Your LO Rocks, and I am so loving that stamp!!! Good luck with SOY!

kelly said...

hay lisa... love that layout..i visit the sistv site often..but i feel like i dont know many people there..justa few... i get kinda lost..but i am hoping to try and go more often... how is the soy stuff going?. i haev 2 more layout to do..then i can do my other stuff.. i am going to start making my list of supplies up tonight..uggg( the hard part).. i need to pm you another question.....

hugs to you!!


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