Monday, July 30, 2012

June Photo a Day Challenge

So, I attempted to try Project Life this year, but my laptop died in February and I lost four weeks of photos and just decided to scrap it and do it next year.  I regretted it, but couldn't help it.  Didn't really know how to document what was missing though!

So, when I started playing with Instagram on my phone and saw people posting photo-a-day challenge photos, I got excited.  I thought I could certainly handle one picture a day, right?  Well, I made it the whole month and didn't miss one single day!  Yay!

Here's the list of photos:

So here's my photos from June:

On my plate (well, a napkin - it's a snack)
 Remembered 6:00 at 9:00
 Proof that I tried to get a 6:00 picture
 Your view today
 Best part of your weekend
 From a low angel
 Out and about
 In your bag
 Something we don't know about you
 Fave photo you've ever taken
 Where you slept
 From a high angle
 On your mind
 Something cute
 Somewhere you shop
 On the shelf

July is coming up, too -- and I'm ready to start August, too!! 


Friday, July 27, 2012

and another thing

that bothers me.........

people talking on the phone in the bathroom.  don't call me while you are in the bathroom.  don't talk to someone on your cell phone in a public bathroom.  that's just gross. i don't know anyone who wants to hear someone else pee or worse............

i feel as though i'm not going to make my 500 posts by the end of the month.  i only have five more days. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All About Me

So, I was reading this blog and she posted some All About Me stuff - a list of things that annoy her, so I thought that would be fun and hopefully some friends will play along and post the same kind of list.  I just think it's entertaining to read crazy things like that - so here it goes:

1.  There, their and they're - these are three different words and you should use the correct one at the correct times.  There is the dog.  That is their dog.  They're getting a dog.  It's not hard.
2.  Want and won't are two different words, as well.  I want a million dollars.  I won't ever have a million dollars.  They aren't interchangeable. One is a contraction, one isn't.  End of story.
3.  To, too and two - again all different words.  If there's more of something that you need then there is too much (see, it has more o's).  This makes me nuts.
4.  I can't stand when people drag their feet (not there feet or they're feet).
5.  I can't stand it when people compliment you but sound surprised when they do it.  Like they tell you that you look nice but they sound like they are shocked that you would look nice.
6.  I really am bothered when people say "no offense" before saying something offensive.  You are saying it because you know you are about to offend someone.  So maybe you shouldn't say it.
7.  Saying 'just sayin' after a mean comment doesn't mean it's okay that you said it.
8.  And while we're at it, saying something ugly on Facebook is still ugly.  Facebook seems to give lots of people strength they wouldn't usually have.  It's like technological courage, instead of liquid.
9.  People who are anti-everything drive me nuts.  Anti-black, anti-white, anti-gay, anti-rich, and pretty much anti-everyone-but-people-exactly-like-me.  Makes me crazy!
10.  Dirty feet.  I know some shoes make your feet look dirty - but that's pretty obvious.  It's the people who walk around bare footed all the time and just have dirty feet and don't care.
11.  Babies walking around with no shoes on in public.  Kids, too.  No one should ever be on WalMart's floor with no shoes.  Period.
12.  A lot is two words - a and lot - it's not alot.
13.  When I empty my buggy at the store, I put my cold stuff together and my box stuff together and my things that aren't food together.  Why can't the cashier do the same thing?  I'm making it easy for them.
14.  I hate when someone asks me a question that there is absolutely know way that I could possibly know the answer.  Like while we're watching a movie, or television and someone asks why this happened or where did they film this or why did he do that?  How do I know?  I didn't make the movie!!!
15. People who stare at my child make me crazy.  I've Facebook'ed about this lately and it really bugs me.  Why don't parents teach kids not to stare? Why do grown adults think it's okay?  Makes me nuts.  I wish they would just ask me what they want to know instead of staring at him trying to figure it out themselves.

And that's really about it for now.  I'm sure there are more - but really, this is enough, don't you think? :D

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wow - 490 posts

This is my 490th post.

This makes me think.  First, I thought it was higher.  Second, did I really say anything worth anything?  Third, why have a completely slacked off in the last two years? 

When looking back, I've only posted ten times this year.  What?  Less than 30 last year.  56 posts in my first blogging year.  And over 200 in 2009.  Hmmmmm - what's changes?  I guess in the past two years I've spent more time reading blogs than writing posts.  I've definitely spent more time pinning on Pinterest than writing posts here.  A few of my posts this year have actually been about Pinterest.  Crazy.

So, here's the plan.  I'm going to blog more regularly and hopefully reach 500 before school starts back.  That gives me about 24 days to post ten more posts.

Hopefully, that's possible.

We will see!!

In the meantime, while I haven't been blogging I've started working on Pinterest projects.  I've almost finished my shower curtain that I talked about here and I've started working on Cole's old baby dresser that I blogged about here.  And this post - well, it's not going to happen.  I looked at the project again and decided it's not doable.  Sadly! 

So, hopefully I'll finish the other projects that are half done and I can blog about them.

Again, we will see!!

Thanks for reading!


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