Friday, September 21, 2012

My favorite food

Another list today - so far so good, huh?

My favorite foods and drinks:

1.  Diet Dr Pepper with Diet Cream Soda - half of each - yummy
2.  White Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
3.  Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks
4.  Brownies with peanut butter chips
5.  Apple Dumplings (Pioneer Woman's recipe)
6.  Twice baked potatoes (my mom's recipe)
7.  Fire Cracker Chicken wraps at Longhorn
8.  buffalo chicken from just about anywhere
9.  the italian sandwich from Newk's - it's so so good
10.  Quizno's italiano samy which isn't on the menu anymore
11.  White Chocolate peanut butter
12.  Cookie butter
13.  Vanilla wafers
14.  Marshmallows
15.  Cheezits
16.  Five Guys fries
17.  TGIFriday's white chocolate cheese cake
18.  tic tacs (do they count as food? it's my list so I'll say yes!!)


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