Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

Hey everyone! It's my birthday today and in an effort to blog more, I'm spending the rest of the month blogging everyday.  I'm going to blog 18 things a day!  (Since my birthday is on the 18th)

Here's today's eighteen!!

Eighteen things about me you probably already know but just in case you don't.........

1.  I have a tattoo and want two more.  Already have them picked out but Jason thinks I'm nuts, so I may never get them.

2.  I love marshmallows but usually only eat them in the fall, unless they are peeps.

3.  I changed jobs and didn't even mention it here.  I'm still a paraprofessional, but now instead of working in a self contained room, I'm working with fourth and fifth graders.  I help out in nine different classrooms.  I should wear roller skates to school.

4.  I can't roller skate.

5.  I can't swim.

6.  I hate, hate, hate water in my face - splashing in the pool always makes me angry.

7.  My favorite singers are Kenny Chesney and Matt Nathanson and Matchbox Twenty.

8.  I'm an Alabama fan through and through.  I don't even want Auburn to win when they play anyone else.  Sorry, but it's true.

9.  I lost 50 pounds in 2007 and have kept all but about ten pounds off and those keep coming and going - it's like they can't decide if they want to be here or not.  I'd rather them leave, honestly.

10.  I love ice cream, but don't like chocolate too much.  Only Baskin Robins Peanut Butter Chocolate.

11.  I'd rather eat dessert than dinner.

12.  I was fourteen when my two co-workers were born.  This makes me feel old. 

13.  I used to scrapbook like crazy and now rarely do but I still love it and buy supplies just don't use them much.

14.  I've painted more burlap and canvas in the last year than I ever thought I would paint.  Just painted a little more Saturday.

15.  I sewed curtains for our new trailer at school.  They are cute.  I've never sewn curtains before.

16.  I love Vera Bradley stuff and can't wait to spend some birthday money on a new iPhone cover.

17.  I'm bringing cake to work this week to celebrate my own birthday, but I'm using someone else's birthday as an excuse!  Hey - you gotta go what you gotta do to get peanut butter cake from my mom!!

18.  I'm forty-one today and my age used to never bother me, but now that I'm all the way in my forty's - not just knocking on the door.  It bothers me.  A little.

Thanks for coming by!  Here's hoping I can really finish the month out blogging each day!


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