Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here's another list:

18 things I want to make off of Pinterest!  Now, I've made tons off Pinterest and have even had one thing I made pinned a few times by other people (which was totally cool).  These are things I've discovered recently or just haven't' tackled yet:

I had one of these frames, around a mirror.  I've had it for years and when we decided to move back to Birmingham I put it in the yard sale pile.  It didn't sale.  Should have been a sign.  But we were ready to leave all the junk behind that didn't sale.  No time to haul it off somewhere.  My father-in-law came and loaded it up and they were going to get rid of it.  A year or so later, I saw my mirror in my sister-in-laws closet.  Since then, I've mentioned about five times how I would love it back, if she's not using it.  She's not but she hasn't given it back yet either.  I really want it.  I wouldn't do corks for the board but maybe cut some cork to fit instead.

I don't have a place to put this, but it's so cute!

I want to do this to my work keys but not sure I should since technically they don't belong to me.  And I repinned this but it takes you no where when you click the pin.  I hate when that happens.

I love this scarf so much.  I've seen so many I like and would love to make, but never take the time to make them!

I've been wanting to take a purse and turn it into a camera bag and even have the purse to use, but still haven't managed any further than that.  This is really cool though - use in any bag that will hold it!

Now the following photos are all things I would like to paint on Burlap or Canvas:

The following are Halloween goodies I want to make:

Now onto Christmas crafts I want to make:

Loads of things I want to do - but not nearly enough time to do them in!
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