Sunday, September 23, 2012

18 things I wish I could master in the kitchen

We all have our favorite things to cook and the things we're really good at cooking, but then there are those recipes that you just can't master.  Even though you follow every step of the recipe and make it the exact way your mom does, or your friend does, but it's not the same.  Or things you've really wanted to make but haven't ever tried.

Here's my list of those things:

1.  my mom's chocolate delight pie
2.  paula deen's baked spaghetti
3.  fried okra
4.  any of my mom's recipes for her buttercream icing
5.  specifically the peanut butter butter cream
6.  meatloaf
7.  beef tips and rice (my rice is never quite right)
8.  mom's mac and cheese (mine is good, but not as good as hers)
9.  twice baked potatoes (again - hers are better)
10.  mom's apple cake
(so many recipes are my moms - wow)
11.  Mrs. Antonio's lasagne
12.  donuts
13.  funnel cake
14.  Pooh's puffed pastry
15.  Dole whip
16.  Dressing
17.  Chicken salad - the really good kind
18.  Mississippi mud

One day, I'll tackle them and master them!  If I'm lucky!


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