Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Last Project for this week

Showing off another project for The CSI Project!

I mentioned to my dad that I wanted one of these chip clip displays and just like that, he found one on Ebay and bought it for me.  I was going to use it to hang Cole's art work, but it didn't really leave enough room for too many pictures of his.  They would overlap and he couldn't see all the details.  That's why I used his closet doors instead.  So, now this is used for hanging a few pictures.

We've had an abundance of babies born in the past year or so, so there's been lots of baby pictures sent my way.  I also hung an older layout of Cole on the bottom - it's one of my favorites, so I like to keep it out where I can see it and be reminded of all he's gone through and how happy we are that he's here and ours!

(a close up)

Thanks for looking!

A place for Cole's art work

Back again with another post for The CSI Project! 

 I've been trying to come up with a place for Cole's art work to hang.  He loves to draw pictures and have them displayed somewhere.  He usually wants them on the fridge, but I was quickly running out of room there.  So, here's the solution:

I used a thin twine and crisscrossed it on the front sliding closet door.  Then I simply hung the pictures with clothes pins (which need to be jazzed up a bit).  The other door is the one that slides behind the picture door, so I can't hang anything there with tacks, or clothes pins.  I took some of Cole's paper off our coloring roll and just taped it up with green masking tape.  It peels off easily and won't hurt the door.  I left Cole a note and made a list of the things we're doing this week, as well as a few tic-tac-toe spots.  He loved it.  He can draw a little, or a lot, and I can replace the paper whenever he needs more.  OH, I also marked his height and measured to see how tall his is now.  He's 4'2" - amazing!!  For a kid that didn't grow for so long - that's amazing.  He gets a shot of growth hormones every night and they work - they are really helping him to catch up!!  I love it!  He's only a foot shorter than me now!!

Okay, I've got one more project to share - I'll be back with that in a few.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little wall decor!

So, you guys know I've been following along with The CSI Project and playing along when I can!  This weeks challenge is about Frames, Art and Wall Decor.  Check it out here:
So, here's my entry (at least, one of them, I'll be back later with other projects I've been working on and haven't shared yet).  I posted this tutorial a while back and then I posted this where I re-did my wall and really liked the result.  So here's the finished project with no more tweaking - it's done and I love it!

Go check out the challenge and the entries.  They are always wonderful - so many talented people linking up!  Go - hurry!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you seen this?

OMGosh - check this out:

Tatertots and Jello - best giveaway ever - if you win, you must let me use your machine!!

Go check it out - and enter to win!!

I'll be back tomorrow with my CSI Project for the week!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, another Dollar craft

I got this idea from Virginia:

I thought it would be cute to write a message when people are coming over - like "Hey Holden" or "Morning G's" (the G's are my parents).  Anyway, had company today for a little playdate and forgot to go change the message! Bummer! I just taped off the edges, although you could just paint the whole thing, I just liked the look of the silver frame around the chalkboard area.  I punched holes in the top with my crop-a-dile for the ribbon and added some cute bright flowers and bling!

Thanks for looking!!

"Dollar Store" projects

So, I've posted before about CSI Project, right?  Well, if you haven't checked it out - you should - go there now, I can wait.....................

Ok, now back to the projects.  This week's challenge is a Dollar Store Challenge.  So, this one I finished up today:

This is our list of Summer Fun - the things we want to do during the summer.  I took a wooden hanger from the Dollar Tree and added some patterned paper, bling and letters from my stash.  Topped it off with a little bow and some ribbon to hold a sharpie (to check things off the list).  Here's the top:

And here's the bottom - I added a border of green masking tape to the bottom, wrote a message for Cole, and then cut the tape into a scalloped border.  This just helps to add weight to the bottom of the paper, since it's just one of those little rolls of thin coloring paper, which also came from the Dollar Spot at Target.

Here's the bottom:

We have about 40 things on our list and a few we've already checked off.  Cole's hoping a few of them don't happen, but we're pushing him out of his comfort zone a little!!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some layouts and such

I didn't realize I hadn't posted these layouts here - so here they are:

I tried to type above each picture but it won't let me for some reason!  Blogger is being difficult!
Thanks for looking!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Real World

Yes, I'm talking about the Real World - no, not the MTV show that used to be good but turned trashy.  No, not the Matchbox 20 song, although I do love it!

MY real world.  I read this post this morning by Stephanie Howell - who I really admire and totally stalk via blog, Facebook and Twitter!!  And then I read this one by Michelle.  So, I figured - why not?  I can be real, right?

Now, I know plenty of times I'm real about Cole and cancer and stuff like that.  There are lots of things I'd love to vent about here and don't for fear someone would read it and take it the wrong way or get mad at me - even though it's my blog and I should be able to say what I want!

So, here's the real me - and yes, I'm beginning the same way Stephanie and Michelle did - because it's the truth!!

My bed is rarely ever made.  I don't have time and when I do have time, I don't care that it's not made.  Cole's bed is rarely made by me.  He makes his own bed once in a while and lately is tired of making it so he sleeps under a blanket ON TOP OF his quilt so he doesn't mess it up.  Not a bad idea, Buddy!!

There are usually dirty dishes in my sink and plenty of laundry to do.  I have to clean up before anyone comes over because there is always a little mess somewhere.  So, don't just drop by - I need 30 minutes notice please!

My van is also a little messy.  There are usually at least four empty cups in the floor or cupholders at any given time.

I also love Facebook and my blog.  I love getting comments.  I love leaving comments on Facebook.  I'm bummed when I think I write a great blog post and get no comments - BUT - I don't always comment on other blogs, so I get what I deserve there, huh?

I have low self esteem.  I don't think I'm smart enough or pretty enough or nice enough or friendly enough or skinny enough or have good enough hair or good enough clothes or shoes, or purses, or scrap supplies.  This could go on forever.  In the end, none of that really matters.  But I do wish I was more confident in my own abilities and just happy with what I have.  Only certain people bring those feelings out in me though - it's not all the time but it is MY issue and I'm working on it.

During Cole's illness, life was rather easy.  I didn't break down and cry often.   Actually, I can remember maybe twice being on the verge of tears and one time, actually crying.  First, I'm not much of a crier.  I don't cry at funerals or weddings.  I may get the little lump in my throat, but that's it - a little watery eyes - but that's it.  I've been that way as long as I can remember.  Ok, so back to Cole's illness.  I didn't (and still don't) feel worthy of the grace I felt.  Why did I feel like it was all ok and it would all be good?  Why didn't I stress and worry each and every day?  I know God was taking care of me, but I'm not sure what I did to deserve that.  I wasn't very religious at the time - sure I believed in God, but I wasn't having a relationship with him daily.  So, I wonder all the time why me?  Why did He take that burden for me and carry it?  I'm thankful each and everyday - I was able to focus on Cole 100% instead of worrying and stressing - but in the end.... still don't know what made me worthy of that grace!!

Okay - that's all I've got.  I could probably go on and on - but those were the important things to me!!
Thanks for reading and for the love - leave me a comment!!



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