Thursday, June 24, 2010

A place for Cole's art work

Back again with another post for The CSI Project! 

 I've been trying to come up with a place for Cole's art work to hang.  He loves to draw pictures and have them displayed somewhere.  He usually wants them on the fridge, but I was quickly running out of room there.  So, here's the solution:

I used a thin twine and crisscrossed it on the front sliding closet door.  Then I simply hung the pictures with clothes pins (which need to be jazzed up a bit).  The other door is the one that slides behind the picture door, so I can't hang anything there with tacks, or clothes pins.  I took some of Cole's paper off our coloring roll and just taped it up with green masking tape.  It peels off easily and won't hurt the door.  I left Cole a note and made a list of the things we're doing this week, as well as a few tic-tac-toe spots.  He loved it.  He can draw a little, or a lot, and I can replace the paper whenever he needs more.  OH, I also marked his height and measured to see how tall his is now.  He's 4'2" - amazing!!  For a kid that didn't grow for so long - that's amazing.  He gets a shot of growth hormones every night and they work - they are really helping him to catch up!!  I love it!  He's only a foot shorter than me now!!

Okay, I've got one more project to share - I'll be back with that in a few.


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