Monday, June 29, 2009

My organized fridge

Well, it's not that fancy but I'm hoping it'll work wonders for me - keep me really organized!!

Here's the front - the scalloped clipboard is for any coupons I find with my food - you know coupons inside boxes, peelies that I forgot but want to use next time - stuff like that! I cut out my T freehand and stuck it to the fridge and made a little flower and some round magnets to match! I found sheets of magnet at the Dollar Tree two years ago and used up the last of it for the fridge! Notice my flower I showed you yesterday - stuck on my fridge!

Here's the organized part - I have three clipboards hanging by magnets on the side. I bought those round little magnets at WalMart - they weren't the strongest, so I think I've used about 8 magnets on each clipboard - they don't slide or anything now. My favorite layout is hanging here as well as my favorite piece of Jenni Bowlin paper. My plan for that spot was to have a place to stick sticky notes. I also wanted to find one of those little plastic sticky note holder you can put on the fridge for notes and a pen - haven't found it yet though.

In the bottom of the picture - there is a stool/step ladder - I love it! I used to sit in it at my Granny's to eat dinner, or play cards at the table, or just be in her way, probably!! I love my old step stool. Cole sits in it occasionally, too! I have two aprons laying over the back.

Now here's a close up of my clipboards - the first one is school related things - the calendar, registration info, etc. The second holds schedules of things to come - right now all that's there is Cole's next schedule for St. Jude. And the bottom holds prescriptions and such - things we don't need to lose. Which reminds me, Cole needs new glasses - his prescription is about to expire!

I actually have a different plan for the clipboards once school is back in. The last two years of school, Cole has had a homework calendar. He had an assignment Monday thru Thursday and turned them all in on Friday - so I'm hoping 2nd grade will have a similar schedule so I can keep it on the second clipboard. Then I'll have the top clipboard for school related things that I need to deal with (permission slips, things to keep up with) and the second one will be all Cole's school work items. The third one will then be the family stuff - perscriptions, schedules, etc. Hopefully this will really be put to use.

Made these yummy things last Friday to take to the baby shower!

Strawberry cake balls - got the recipe from Bakerella's site! YUMMY!

And found these little goodies at Publix yesterday - I've been searching for them - they were in an odd place - like on the pasta aisle for some reason, not with the normal soft drinks - but so glad I happened to wander down that aisle!! Good grief - they were $5+ for a six pack, but I saved about $40 in coupons and in store specials, so I think it's okay!!

Now today, we're off to the library, maybe by Lenscrafters too - and to a friends! So have a fabulous Tuesday (oh did you realize that the year is half way over today??)!!

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