Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally - I scrapbooked

Yesterday, my friend Carol came over. The boys played and we got our scrap on! I haven't really done any layouts in months. I did a few for a DT Call but that's it. So it felt great to get pictures on paper and pretty them all up!!

So, wanna see? I did the first two with stuff from my Scripts Kit - I love that I don't really have to look past the kit to make some great layouts. I grab some tools and that's about it!!

Cole loves to Hula Hoop and told us he was a Hula Hoop Expert - so here he is in all his hula hooping glory:

I loved the PLAY tag - but I cut it in half - used Play in one spot and then stitched in "end of school party" on the other end.

See - there's the PLAY down below:

Here's another - Summer Lovin' - just couldn't think of another title. We rarely get pics of us taken - since one of us is always taking the pictures (usually me) but we had family with us at the beach and my MIL snapped a few of the two of us!

My title seemed to get lost up there in that empty space, so I found a mini album I made several months ago and traced one of the pages - I had cut it out with the AccuCut. After I traced it and outlined it several times, I noticed a sticker that matched perfectly - from the Scripts Add On kit.

And I wanted some cute flowers - after seeing Virginia's cards she did with her Scripts kit - so I cut some out and used some green painters tape (thanks Dad) and made stems. Then used my circle punch to cut the leaves, and there you have it:

I did this layout, too:

Just a few things here from Scripts - the yellow sun rays, the center label in my flower, the orange spiral stripe and the blue rickrack (ricrak - how DO you spell that?). The rest is Making Memories Just Chillin' and a small piece of Scenic Route, some Fancy Pants trim - gosh I love that stuff - and HS bling and letters (i miss those letters - wish she would make more - more colors and more sizes). The flower is my favorite part, I think - got it from here: Elle;s Studio! So cute. I want to make some larger ones - this one I used the smallest flower in her free download and then traced it again on the green paper and cut it smaller - the free download will make a giant flower - I want one!! That may be something I make today!! :)

(finally I've learned that everything doesn't have to be just perfect - my button is NOT in the middle of my flower!! two years ago, it would have been - right in the middle with the bow facing the correct direction - I'm learning, I'm learning)

And my next favorite part of this layout is the sun:

I'm always trying this look and not liking it but this one turned out the way I wanted it to - thanks Carol, for the encouraement and the title!! :) I need to scrapbook with you more often, apparently!!

Okay - Off to clean house - the Mobile Friends (as Cole calls them) may be coming up tomorrow so I've got to clean a bit and tame the toys!! And make one of those flowers! Oh and this:

Also from Elle's Studio - super cute thing for the Fourth of July!!

Later, lisa


Virginia said...

Yay for off-center buttons! LOL :)

I love all your layouts! Good to see you making layouts again too!

HoweverAlthough said...

Great looking layouts, Lisa! Cole is such a cutie.


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