Monday, June 29, 2009

Crafting .... again

I made things last week. I already shared my layouts I worked on last week (and wow that felt good - just creating). Anyway - I have worn out my Scripts kit from June. I don't have much left at all - but I bet there's enough for me to come up with something else fun to make. But for now - you get to see what I already made - this may be my new favorite thing:

This one was made out of Scripts and I did it for my new baby cousin, Becca - her room is all red and white and cream - Raggedy Ann and Sock Monkey's - so cute! I made a banner - which I showed a few days ago and then I made a little photo box and giant clothes pin to hold pictures and they all match this cute little flower!

Just a close up.

I did this one to go in my kitchen and here's a close up:

I'll come back in a little while with pics of the photo box and clothes pin!

I was reading Virginia's blog last night and saw this post and loved the family organization system she showed. Makes me want to step mine up a bit - okay, maybe just makes me want to really use mine, which I'm not. But I'll be back later today to show it off - it's nothing as fancy as the one Virginia linked to - but if I had the space for that one, I'd do it - but I only have one kid, so I'm not sure that I would use the rest of it. So the fridge will work for me. I'll be back later to show pictures of that.

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