Monday, August 20, 2007

This is me...................

I discovered a new challenge blog today called: This is me. They are challenging us to do a journal about us - a creative outlet, a place for our thoughts - nothing too deep they say - just things in our life. So I decided to jump in!! I made my journal. These girls were suggesting a spiral notebook, but I didn't have a blank one to use and wanted to get started right away. I had a full size binder with a wonderful craft cover so I decided to use that. Here's a picture of my book:

Below is my first layout from the challenge. It's about 'IMHO' or 'in my honest opinion'! So it's just a few silly thoughts - things I honestly believe!!

Thanks for looking!!

And on a different note - I have a few prayer requests for those of you who pray. First, my second cousin's daughter has been diagnosed with retinoblastoma. This is cancer of the eyes. She has lost sight in her right eye completely, and has three tumors behind that eye. Her left eye has one much smaller tumor behind it. None of the tumors have penetrated her brain, thank God for that, and the left eye has no sight loss. So with every bit of bad news, there is always something to be greatful for. After having been in their shoes - we really know what it's like to have to go into 'caregiver mode' where you have to forget about all those questions (why us, what's going to happen) and just be strong and brave for your child. So I just ask that you pray for God to give them the strength they need to be strong for Allison, who is only two, and their older daughter Jenna. Also for Allison, that she will be strong through this - physically and mentally - and she'll react the right way to treatment and hopefully will have no problems during treatment. And for big sister Jenna - who I've been told is such a little worrier - that she'll have an understanding about what is happening and know that things will be alright - her baby sister will be a survivor!!!

And - just a selfish prayer request for me and Cole. We leave tomorrow for Memphis. This is our last three month check up - we go to six months after this. Jason isn't able to go with us this time. He just started a new job and starts grad school wednesday night. So, I'm on my own for all the yucky stuff. My cousin is going with me - so at least we'll have some company - that's a HUGE help. But I'm stick with the IV stick and the MRI. If the IV stick goes well (which it never does) then the MRI will be fine. If the IV stick doesn't go well (which is what will probably happen) then the MRI will be bad because they'll have to do the gas mask (which Cole's calls the potty mask - it looks like a potty seat) and Cole hates it hates it hates it. So either way - there's a yucky thing that's going to happen. I haven't been back with Cole for an MRI since Cole's first one at St. Jude. So, I would love some prayers for my patiences and for the nurse that has to do the IV. Also, prayers for clear scans and some growth!!! Growth is expected - but I'm hoping for a good amount! I'll update whenever I know something!

And thanks for the prayers!



Michelle said...

Beautiful journal!

Jody said...

I'll be thinking of you and hope that it works out to be the best case scenario for Cole. I will pray for clear scans AND growth. Take care...and no I care. =)

Maureen & Holly said...

very cool! Thanks for posting!

Chemo Mom Tammy said...

Good luck with the IV stick! I hate that part! Can you get EMLA cream when you get there? We always try it at least! And your book is very cute! I wish I could see all the other pages! lol
Miss you!

Rhonda G said...

y'all be careful tomorrow...I will have you in my prayers...and be praying for God's peace for you having to wing this treatment alone. HUGS!

Deborah Pickens said...

Lisa, I'm hoping that it's all going well with Cole. Have a safe trip back!


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