Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two in a row......

Yep, I'm back again today! Well, I have a cold - and yucky stuffy head cold. I can't breath and just feel run down. I haven't had a bad cold in a while, so I hope this one goes quickly - I hate getting sick. I don't feel like doing much of anything when my heads all in a cloud.

I made a fun little thing last night - for Christmas actually, but then decided I could do other things with it too. Here's a few pics - this was train track pieces in the dollar spot at Target - they were actually 50% off - so only 50 cents for four pieces of track. Then I ran back there today and found them 75% off so I got more!

So today, I've made another set with my soon to be born little cousin's name - Corwin. His baby shower is Sunday, so I made this little train track name thingy for him too. I hope his mom likes it. I think it'll be cute in his room somewhere. I also worked on some painted canvases for our bedroom. Finished those last night and hung them in our room. I'll take pics this afternoon of the canvases and the other little name train! I'm thinking of doing Merry Christmas - if I have enough pieces. We don't have a mantel here over the fireplace, but there's a small ledge that these could sit on - at least I think. Either way - cute stuff and I'll find somewhere to put it!

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to add pics later this afternoon. I have about an hour before leaving to pick Cole up, so off to fold another load of laundry and take some more cold medicine. Later.............................


I forgot I got tagged by Heather - sorry Heather - so here it is:

I must post the rules, then list 7 random things about me and then tag 7 others to do the same by leaving them a here goes...

1. I love to read - must do it every night actually - I can't help it.

2. I really love when Cole calls me MOM instead of Mommy. I know I shouldn't because that means he's growing up - but given our history with cancer - I'm thankful he's growing up!

3. I have started making my Christmas lists already and coming up with ideas for all the little cousins, but haven't bought a single thing!

4. I am hoping to go to the Alabama game this weekend - I've only been to one Alabama game and would love to go again.

5. I always wanted more than one child, but finally after much discussing we decided to only have one - and now I can't imagine it any other way. I love just having one.

6. I love organizing things, like Heather - but rarely actually stick to it. I love storage containers and places for things, but just don't use them all!

7. I could listen to Kenny Chesney 24/7 - and try to most of the time!

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Chemo Mom Tammy said...

Happy happy birthday,
we are so glad you came,
so have a happy birthday,
and I don't remember how it ends!
That happy birthday song is always in my brain and I can't remember which restaurant they sing it in!


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