Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Busy Busy Bees

Well, I've been a busy girl. I had an interview last Friday and another today. The one today went well, I think. The school is really nice, smaller than I've been in before. It's close to home - my parents home and my granny's old house is right down the street! Oh how I would love to live there. My parents say I'm crazy - it's old and would need updating. I don't care though, my Granny would be happy if I was in her house! I just know it!

Anyway, besides interviewing and praying for a job - I've been scrapping. Surprise Surprise! I've done one layout using some Love, Elsie goodies! The scan is wonky but here it is! Love this stuff - which I'd gotten the stamps too, and letter stickers!

I've finished a mini album from a class I went to last weekend. I've printed pictures for a class I'm taking on Saturday. I've worked on my trading cards for a swap at SIStv and worked on a "It's a boy" banner for a baby shower for a cousin-in-law. Fun Stuff!!

I also have been waiting to get my SOY call - but I didn't. So I've been anxiously waiting to see who got the honors! Hoping for a bunch of SISters from SIStv - it's so exciting. And I've been posting my layouts on a few galleries. You can check them out here if you want!!

Cole has just been too stinking cute! Jason and I were talking about Febreeze for some reason and Cole pipes in from the back seat and says the little jingle from the commercial. Yesterday he couldn't reach his straw in his cup, without moving the cup or bending the straw and he said "My neck isn't long like a Lhama" - where does he get this from?? He's a nut!
Hoping this is my last night as a jobless loser!

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kelly said...

what a cute layout... gotta love some elsie....

praying for you to get a good job... one you love...

thanks for the encouragement... it really pepped up my day...

miss you bunches .... wish you could crop with us on sat... maybe soon though...

oh... and another thing... YOU ARE NOT A LOSER!!!!


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