Monday, July 30, 2012

June Photo a Day Challenge

So, I attempted to try Project Life this year, but my laptop died in February and I lost four weeks of photos and just decided to scrap it and do it next year.  I regretted it, but couldn't help it.  Didn't really know how to document what was missing though!

So, when I started playing with Instagram on my phone and saw people posting photo-a-day challenge photos, I got excited.  I thought I could certainly handle one picture a day, right?  Well, I made it the whole month and didn't miss one single day!  Yay!

Here's the list of photos:

So here's my photos from June:

On my plate (well, a napkin - it's a snack)
 Remembered 6:00 at 9:00
 Proof that I tried to get a 6:00 picture
 Your view today
 Best part of your weekend
 From a low angel
 Out and about
 In your bag
 Something we don't know about you
 Fave photo you've ever taken
 Where you slept
 From a high angle
 On your mind
 Something cute
 Somewhere you shop
 On the shelf

July is coming up, too -- and I'm ready to start August, too!! 


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the cape on the corner said...

yesssss! tattoo on inside of foot, love it. that's where mine is, on my left foot.


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