Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stranger things have happened

An idea just popped in my head tonight while I was playing on the computer.  I thought sharing strange things with you would be entertaining.  So here it goes:

Strangest item in my Netflix queue: Pee's Playhouse Season 1 Disc 1
Strangest song on my phone:  You've Got a Friend in Me, Randy Newman
Strangest CD in my collection:  Dangerous Toys
Strangest movie in my VHS collection: Two of a Kind (a lovely film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John)
or maybe the Jennie Garth exercise video
Strangest movie I've ever seen at the theater: My Own Private Idaho (pretty sure we got up and left)
Strangest thing I've received as a gift: a mexican ash tray (i have never smoked - sorry Rick)
Strangest thing Jason has ever received as a gift:  a hunting vest (he doesn't hunt)
Strangest thing Cole has ever received as a gift: an air horn (it's still in the packaging and he has an extreme problem with loud noises)
Strangest thing I've blogged about:  30 things I need to pack for Nashville (really? yes, really)
Strangest thing I've given as a gift:  that big mouth bass you hang on the wall that sings (again, sorry Rick)

That's all I can think of that is slightly strange. 

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