Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got a little scrapping done last month!

I'm not sure how long it's been since I posted a layout - much less more than one!  I know I haven't posted any layouts this year! That's shameful.  I had two opportunities in June to scrapbook away from home.  I know it sounds strange, but I do better scrapping away from home.  I'm a little more organized and having a dedicated amount of time motivates me to really get going and accomplish something.

So, here are the recent layouts - not all recent pictures, but ......

My sweet niece - this was in February of this year when they came for a visit!

We always do a photo here, right outside Pooh's Corner in Downtown Disney. 

Cole and Micheal dressed as Buzz and Woody for Halloween.  We did a Trunk or Treat at a nearby church and got a few good photos while we were there!

Niece again - Ashlyn has beautiful blue eyes.  Her mom, dad and brother all have really blue eyes, too - so it looks like they are here to stay! 

We love going to the McWane Science Center.  It's always fun!  I know these things are probably full of germs - but it was too fun stinking our face in!  This was from a trip in December!

I love Matt Nathanson and his new release is Faster - the title for this page comes from that song.  I loved this picture of us taken at Cole's birthday party in February!

Terribly crooked picture! I love Mary Poppins and this was the first time I've had a picture with her at Disney!  It was a great character breakfast! 

Cole was Good Citizen in November.  So proud of him!

Cole is a huge McDonald's fan and would love nothing more than to travel the world and check out all the Most Unique McDonald's.  We've been to two - there are 8 more on the list!  This is a picture from the one in Orlando - Cole running through the 'mother of all mazes'!!

Not a huge fan of this paper, but felt like I should use it.  This was from last August.  He's about to move up - again!!

This was from my sister-in-law's wedding reception.  Cole enjoyed himself, to say the least!

I've been planning this layout forever - I just wanted to document all the things we call him!  We've already added another nickname - not sure if there's room on this layout for another one, though!

Pinewood Derby for this past year in Cub Scouts.  We had a pretty cool car - Perry the Platypus.

And the cutest niece ever - again - this was from June when we visited Mobile.  She was a happy little thing!!

I did this for a challenge at NoelMignon.com back in the winter.  This was taken Christmas.  I love the picture because that was my favorite shirt!!! It's too big now though so it's been turned into ruffles on a scarf for the fall! 

Shew - that's all for today.  I've just realized we're more than half the way through the year and I've blogged terribly this year.  Not very consistent, not nearly often enough.  Must start working on that!!!

Thanks for reading, and looking!

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