Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a little love going on

I love to make crafty things for holidays.  For some reason this past year, I didn't make anything Christmasy. So, I feel like I have to kick it up a notch for Valentine's Day.  So, here's the first thing I came up with:
I have an abundance of Bingo Cards by Jenni Bowlin.  I have a really hard time using them.  I LOVE them and don't want to cut them up!!  Crazy, right?  So I pulled out my stash of cards and found the MINE and LOVE and then added the LUCKY in the middle.  LUCKY seemed to fit appropriately.  I mean, if you have a great love, you are pretty lucky, right?  I am, for certain!!

Anyway, I have recently gone through all my scrap stuff and reorganized, so it was really easy to open my drawer of red things, black things and white and pick out what I needed.  Here's a close up of each card:

Just simple and sweet.  The first card has a J for my husband.  The middle card looks like it has an envelope attached, but it's actually the bottom of a red paper bag.  And the last tag has the top of the bag with a tag poking out listing all the things we need to remember to do (like love, snuggle, hug and kiss - all 'love' words), topped with a heart doily - those just scream old fashioned Valentine's to me.  I remember always gluing one on red paper in elementary school, adding the to: and from: and taking it home to show mom and dad.

I made this last year and I think it's one of my favorite things ever!!! I'm a really 'letter sticker snob'.  I love Thickers the most, and all the cardstock letter stickers, too.  I wasn't really willing to give up a whole set of alphabets for this project, though.  I was going through the Valentine stuff at WalMart and found these glittery letters and they were perfect.  I used Thickers for the i, o and u - so they would stand out a bit more.  I love how it turned out.
I have both projects, along with three recent favorite layouts, hung on my old room divider.  It was my great aunts and it was used in hospitals way back in the day - to divide the rooms.  I LOVE IT!!

Thanks for looking!!

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Linh C. said...

I know right? I can't cut the bingo cards either.

Dacia said...

Visiting from tatertots & jello. This is so cute!


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