Friday, October 29, 2010

I know it's not Christmas yet, but..............

I'm already thinking about Christmas decorations and projects and cards.  I love to do photo cards for Christmas.  I love that everyone gets to see a snapshot of our life and I love getting the same things from others!  So, I've started looking around and trying to decide what cards I want to order.  Of course, THIS is the first place I looked:  Shutterfly

When I first went to the site, I realized I could have done some really cute Halloween cards! I'm putting this on my list for next year! Anyway, back to the Christmas cards!  I can't decide between these:

It's too hard to pick just one - especially when you keep looking and see this one:

I just can't decide!

The good thing is Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards!! So that makes picking a little easier....

Until you see these:

I didn't know they did gift tags! Oh so cute!

Then, I saw these:

Address labels that match my gift tags??? Who knew that was even an option??

And after the holidays, I can use these:

Did you know they even have Thank You's to use after the holidays??

Now I'm thinking I see a trend in what I've really liked at Shutterfly?  Did you notice, too?

Maybe the winning card will be this one:

So so cute!! Can't wait to mail them off!! It's still too early, right?? I love Christmas!!


*a little disclaimer, I'm participating in the Shutterfly's 50 Free Holiday Card Promotion.  These opinions are all mine though - I love Shutterfly and have ordered cards from them in the past and can't wait to get them again this year - and they NEVER disappoint me!!

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