Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doing some crafting and avoiding housework.

So, I have a booth in the By Hand Boutique.  I posted about that here.  I have big plans, too.  I've come up with a dozen different ideas of things to make and offer in my booth.  But in reality, I probably won't get even half of the dozen done.  That's a bummer.  But, I'm a procrastinator, so this is how I roll.  And I'm okay with that.  I work best under pressure!!

Here's the first thing I planned to sale:

This one is a little bigger than the ones I'll have in my booth, but they are still pretty big.  I'll also have this one:

It's great for putting on top of a Christmas tree, if you are an obsessed Bama fan, like we are!!  We actually have a whole Bama tree.  You can also attach it to a wreath for your front door, or just prop it up somewhere in your house.  I've done all of the above with mine!!  
And then, I'll have these, too.  "Our countdown to Christmas" is made to hang up anywhere you want, and comes with a matching clothes pin to mark how many days are left. 

Not sure how many of my other projects will get finished, but I'm hoping for a few more!!  I have some Christmas ornaments, too - some handpainted, some glitterey goodness like the A's above!! I can't wait!



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