Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trashcan Treasures

So, I'm playing along with CSI Project again this week.  Here's the info for the current challenge.
And I'm linking up here, too:

Most of the projects that are linked up seem to be using items that really were rescued from the roadside.  Mine is a bit different, but still a rescue.  I started working at an eye doctors office about 7 weeks ago.  I'm always on the look out for something crafty - something I can make out of nothing, something that gets overlooked.  So, I found these:

These are all the plastic lens we take out of the frames and replace with the patient's real lenses.  These were just being trashed, which seems logical - I mean, what else would you do with them???  Well, here's what I did with them:

I used my trusty Dremel and drilled away at the sides until I got a good shape.  Then I drilled a hole in the top for a jump ring.  I used GLOO to glue the paper on to the back of the lens and then once that was really dry, I used another glue (Paper Glaze maybe) to cover the back of the paper.  This just seals the back in a way, so the paper doesn't peal off.  For the one above, I did our favorite college football team's colors (red and white), the houndstooth is a popular pattern for the team, too.  I added a little charm I made last year with red, black and silver beads and a metal stamped L charm.  Perfect for football season!!  (35 days away, I believe).

And here are a few more:

This one is just black and white - pretty basic.  I used one lens here, along with a Tim Holtz fragment and a broken earring.  Here's the lens:

Here's another:

Another team pendent - the same broken earring works here, too.  Here's just the lens - with my initial:

And one last one:

The one above was the toughest for me - it was really hard to make it round - took me forever and I made a big mess with the Dremel.  The lens in the back is just etched, so it's sort of foggy.  Just thought it was a nice touch.

I have a ton of lenses left, waiting for ideas.  I'm going to keep playing and see what else I can come up with.

Thanks for looking!

10 comments: said...

That is an absolutely brilliant idea!

Linh C. said...

Ditto what Amy said!

I've never seen any crafts made from glasses lenses. Although I like the shapes you've created (round, etc.), I think I like the original shape best because it's unusual for a crafting project and it's distinctively a lense.

Very cute, Lisa!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That's pretty cool! I really like the black and white one.

queen bee tracy said...

Oh my mercy! Your craft has brought back a memory of a craft my mother made 35 ago, except it was with glass lenses. She, being a child of the Depression, was super thrifty AND creative. Someone had given her a bunch of glass eyeglass lenses. After a few trial and error projects, she ended up decoupaging a picture (most cut out of magazines or greeting cards) on the back of a lens, then used gold or black paint to seal it, and finished it by gluing on a pin back. Her "brooches" were a hit at the craft booth her Homemakers' Club had at our city's annual fair.

I love your take on the lenses you created. They are beautiful and gave me a great trip down a memory lane I had long forgotten!

HeathahLee said...

That is brilliant! It's crafty, it's chic, and it's green! You need to open an Etsy shop with these!

Jenny Lou Who said...

What a great idea! I like.

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

What a great idea! I love that these lenses would have just been trashed and you turned them into something fabulous!

Michelle Whitlow said...

well that's a cool idea!!!

Kristin said...

What a great idea. These are so cute!

Sasha Holloway said...

love it.. so cool girlie


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