Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Please don't!

Been doing a lot of deep thinking lately.  It's weird - not that I'm deep thinking, but the things I was thinking about.  Are there things in life that just drive you nuts?  Yes, of course there are.  Here's a few of mine - just because I feel like sharing:
* Don't text me a long message and then add 'call me' because by the time you typed all that out, YOU could have called ME.

* Don't text me back in answer to my text to CALL ME and then not answer, or say "hey, can I call you back?"

* Don't just call me when you only want me to do things for you - actually pretend like you like me, or are concerned with how I am doing before you ask me to do something for you yet again!!  You can even call when you don't NEED anything.

* Don't ride my butt on the interstate because you think me driving 80 MPH isn't fast enough.  Maybe you should have left for work a bit earlier and then 80 would be fast enough for you!

* Don't talk on your phone in your car if you can't maintain a decent speed at the same time.  Learn to multitask, or hang up the stinkin' phone!

* Don't pull out in front of me because you assume I'm about to turn.  I mean, I don't have my blinker on, so what makes you think I'm turning?

* Don't let your cell phone continue to ring over and over, when you shouldn't be answering it anyway, just because you don't know how to turn your ringer off.

* You're at church - turn your ringer off - figure it out!!

* Don't say you don't have time for a hobby.  If you want one bad enough, you make the time.

* Don't act like someone else has it easier than you - you don't know, you haven't been in their shoes.

* Don't talk while the pastor in your church is talking.  Don't talk very loudly during the worship music.  For some people - that time is just as special as saying a prayer.  You wouldn't be gossiping about all you did all weekend in the middle of someone praying now would you?  So, hush - you're at church - wait until it's over or get there a little earlier to visit.  Just stop talking while I'm enjoying my worship time!!

So after you stop doing all those things - do these:

Appreciate what you have.  You never know when it'll be gone.

Don't take advantage of people.  It's just not nice.

If someone does for you, do for them, or someone else.  Just pay it forward.

Be thankful for the blessing you receive from others - but remember it's just that - a blessing. 

Remember that you have to take the good with the bad.  You can't use people for what they can do for you and then get mad when you don't like all the other stuff that comes with them.

Everyone deserves the best you offer.  I know we should all have people we can be "real" with, but don't always be so "real" that you are a "real" pain in the behind.  You know the happy self you show others?  Isn't everyone in your life deserving of that happy attitude?

Okay, that's all from me.  I just had to get a few things off my chest!  I'll be back in a little while with my Trashcan Treasure for the CSI Project this week!!



Michelle Whitlow said...

Totally agree with everything you said!!!!

Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

LOVE IT...OH MY if I did a list of all the things that ticked me off....MAN it will go on.
People and thier cell phones is my number one BLAHHHHH...

Crafty Carrie said...

I just read your blog and sister we could be best friends.
The cell phone is right on I work as a dental hygienst and people and their cell phones drive me crazy. The cell phone and the church thing is right on too.
Thanks for the laugh


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