Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little furniture makeover

I did this project a while back and sadly have lost all my photos.  We've had a rough few weeks when it comes to electronics.  First, my laptop died - blue screen of death, kind of died!  Second, my camera quit - just quit - no power, no nothing!!  Third, the tv went out.  The good news is the laptop is back, the camera should arrive today and we'll probably have a check by the end of the week for the tv (which means Jason will pick out a bigger one with the money!!).

So, anyway - I lost my before pictures, and my process photos - but I Googled and found a suitable substitute photo for a before!!

This is very close to what I started out with.  My plan was to paint the chair to go in my kitchen.  Just a spot to pile things really.  Most of the time our lunchboxes sit there, along with random things I haven't managed to return to their home!!

I decided to paint it a shiny red and then I thought it would be cute to paint the ladder back with chalkboard paint so we can write on it.  There are three planks across the back, which is nice for so many messages (Roll Tide Toll, God Bless America, Home Sweet Home, or our three names!!).  I taped off the chair first - leaving just the ladder back bare. Covered the seat and bottom of the chair with plastic and sprayed the chalkboard paint.  Once that was dry and ready to go, I pulled all the tape off and reversed it, the sprayed the chair red.  I love how it turned out!

So here's an after shot:

And a closeup of the ladder back with the current message:

I love it - I love that I have a place to stack things that won't have to get unloaded for me to use it.  This chair is just to stack my crap! lol  Previously, this spot had an old step stool that belonged to my Granny.  We used it all the time, so I would always have to dump off the pile of stuff to use it.  Problem solved!!

Thanks for looking!!  Go check out the CSI Project blog - even if you don't want to participate - go look at the posts where everyone links up their projects.  There is so much inspiration - tons of great projects.  Each week, I bookmark a ton of things I want to try!!

Next weeks challenge is "Roadside Rescue", which I'm going to call "Trashcan Treasure" since I didn't really rescue my stuff from the roadside - but from the trashcan at work!!  Come back to check it out!!

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Linh C. said...

Super cute and functional! :)

Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

got to try something like this, love chalkboard paint and got some extra from a wall a painted :)

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

What a clever idea to the back of the chair! So cute! Thanks for linking up :).

Mrs.B said...

I love that idea! I have an OLD chair like yours given to me by a friend who found it on her porch years ago.


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