Monday, April 13, 2009

Where in the world has the time gone?

I haven't blogged anything really great in a while. Just haven't had the time, I guess. First, our laptop died (and it's still in the shop) and then we did the big move and get everything else tot he new house. So - it's mostly done - we're here!! I just thought I'd give you a little tour of our new home!!

Here's our entryway - I love our front door - but in front of the front door is one of those giant iron security doors - it's on the list of things to go - it's just ugly and takes away from pretty door!

This is my bakers rack in the dinning room - I love it - we really love both pieces, the table matches it - but I just liked it decked out for Easter/Spring!

This is a small area in the living room - just two picnic baskets that I love. The one on the bottom was my Granddaddy's - his last name is written inside with a sharpie - it's cool to see his handwriting every time I open it. The two open baskets are filled with my mini albums (many of them, but not all of them) and some of Cole's artwork!

This cross is my new favorite decor item in the house - Cole's teacher (who is just fantastic, if I have already mentioned it) gave me this for subbing for her while she had surgery. She's too sweet! The quote came from Hobby Lobby but was supposed to have "FAMILY" before it - it was missing from the package though - so I made it work!

This is a sign I got at Hobby Lobby - I've always love the saying and have it in a few other places in the house!

This is in our den (the same place the above is) on top of our entertainment center. This room is quickly turning into the toy room, much to my dismay!

One more shot from the den:

This is on the wall in our room - it's missing the "REAL" because the "R" was missing when I opened the package. I tried to return it and get another one and the place I got it wasn't so nice and wouldn't return it so I wrote the company and told them what happened and they sent me a new one. So, now it's complete, but I haven't taken another picture yet so just imagine the REAL is there!!

I have tons more, but am our of time for now - I'll be back later with Easter picks and more in the HOME tour!! :)


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Virginia said...

Your house looks fabulous! I love seeing all the details. I'm definitely drooling over all the baskets.... love some baskets!


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