Monday, January 16, 2012

My word for 2012

For a couple of years now, I've attempted to come up with a word to live by, to live out - through the year.  Most of the time, I keep it in my mind until about February and it disappears along with all the other resolutions.

This year, I'm attempting it again and trying to be more deliberate!  Not just think about it for a few weeks - but make plans for it all year long.

My word for 2012 is present. No, I don't want a bunch of presents (although that would be nice) but I want to BE present.  See, we all get in that crazy busy life rush.  Thinking of what we need from the store, texting a friend, emailing someone and watching our favorite television show - all while our kids are doing their thing, our spouse is doing his thing and none of us are aware of each other.  We aren't really present in each others lives.  Cole will come in to chat about Power Rangers and I'm trying to read some blogs, or watch television.  I'm not present in the conversation.  Jason's talking about his job and again, I'm doing something - cooking, folding clothes, playing Bejeweled - not present in the conversation.  There are so many ways we can be present and not really be paying attention to what's going on.  I don't want to just show up.  I want people to know I'm here.

That falls to me - I need to be certain to make my presence known.  In my life, my families life, my job.

So, my goal this year is to BE PRESENT.

I've already tried to make a good start.  I've got a cute little wallpaper on my phone that says 'present' - just a reminder.  I've started organizing my scrap space so I can document our lives again.  I barely scrapbooked last year and that's so so sad to me.  I love it - I love when Jason and Cole want to look at the things I've done.  I love when Cole asks to see his scrapbooks.  I want to document our lives for the future, but I must be present now to write down those things that are important, that we want to remember - take those pictures.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures last year.  There are so many things undocumented.  I'm going to do Project Life this year, as well.  I want to be sure to remember all those little things.

A few other things I've been working on are just around the house stuff - things that will make the day to day flow more easily.  That doesn't make a giant change in our lives, but it helps.  I don't want to spend all my off time cleaning house - I don't want to be present in the laundry - I want to be with my family. 

So, I'm trying - once again - a little differently so maybe I'll get a different result!

Here's hoping,

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