Friday, August 27, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I've had a busy few weeks and haven't even thought about coming here to blog!  Not that anyone is checking it everyday to see what new and exciting thing is going on in my life!!  :D 

Here's a few things I've been working on:

I'm planning on hanging this up in our window at Port Orleans French Quarter - which is where we'll be in 47 days. 

Did this for a challenge during an online crop at the Noel Mignon website.  Just a look at me at 19 and now. 

I've got a few other layouts done but haven't photographed them yet.

Here's a rundown of our last few weeks - We just got back from Cole's latest check up at St. Jude.  All was well.  Cole's MRI was clear, he's been growing right along schedule.  So, all good.  School started a few weeks ago and we've been adjusting to the new schedule.  We need some more tweaking to get it just right.  Third grade is tough - more work, harder work!!  Cole needs to go to bed a bit earlier and we need to work on homework a little harder - especially those spelling words!!  I've subbed in his room twice (the last two days) and I'm still working for the eye doctor.  It's great that he'll work with me and let me off to sub sometimes.  Still applying for teaching jobs, still not getting any interviews, still depressed a little about that.  I know, I know - all in His time.  There's a room out there just for me - I've heard it all.  I'm just tired of waiting!! I really would like to have a full time teaching job, doing what I love and having a steady income!! 

One day!!

Ok - gotta run - off to get ready to meet my mom and walk at the track.



Michelle Whitlow said...

Hey, we're staying at Port Orleans Riverside in January!! Hope you have a great trip and so glad Cole's MRI came out fine :) That's a cute window hanging...I might just have to do something like that! I've already told the kids that even though we're going just after Xmas we're still gonna take Xmas lights to hang in our window!

Kim's Treasures said...

We will be staying at Port Orleans French Quarters the weekend after Thanksgiving! I cannot wait! What a great idea to hang your bunting! Love the new blog layout! Glad your son's MRI is clear, praise God! Saying a prayer for your job situation.

Tommy said...

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