Sunday, August 1, 2010

How about a little Pay It Forward?

I did this a long time ago on my blog - I mean two years probably.  And I can't even remember where it started - but I know I commented on someone's blog and then posted it here - so I'm doing it again!

Here's how you play along.  The first three people to comment will get something handmade by me.  I've got 365 days to complete the item and mail it.  You (if you are the first three) must post this on your blog, or Facebook, and do the same thing!!

So, leave me a comment and I'll make you something!!  Then go do the same!



Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

Did I make it, did I make it?
What a wonderful idea...I want to play along too.

Practically Spent said...

Very interesting idea. (I'm relieved about the time frame leeway.) I'm game! Thanks.

Michelle Whitlow said...

Love that idea!! Am I #3??

queen bee tracy said...

I'm not in the top 3 but this is a neato idea that sounds like a fun way to connect with new people.


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