Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher gifts are DONE!!

Okay - I was a crafty girl yesterday and got all these projects done - check it out:

Just a little spiral notebook I personalized with her initial and added to small composition notebooks because they colors matched my overall color scheme.

I covered an empty canister with paper and decorated it - it says yummie snacks - and yes, i know yummy isn't spelled with 'ie' but i didn't have another y - so this is what i ended up with and hopefully the teacher won't mind!! :D

A sticky note holder made out of an acrylic frame:

This is a tool box for her, with tons of little office supplies inside and candy and stuff - tacks, paperclips, binder clips, tacks and such, too!

This is my favorite part and I hope she really really likes it:

This is a little mini album with pictures of the kids inside and each child is holding a letter and they spell out "We love you best Mrs. Moore".

Here's Cole's page:

Here's a sign with magnets that she can put up outside her room. I noticed most of the teachers on her hallway have one, but she doesn't - so problem solved!

It all fills up this cute rubber tub! I'm going to cut letters out of white vinyl and then stick them on the bucket!

I have to put the treats in the treats canister and add some candy to the tool box and it'll be good to go!!



Linh C. said...

OK, these are the cutest things ever!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

What a sweet teacher gift! I'm sure she will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

WOW that must be one great teacher because that's a lot of awesome stuff (makes my candy lei look sad). Your a good scrappy-mom :)

Melonie said...

WOW! These are all amazing!! Super job.


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