Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have to rant a bit about Idol

I really hate to fuss about this, but it's bugging me.  This is really only the second season, I think, that I've watched every episode.  In the early Idol days, I would wait until there were about five contestants left and then watch.  During the Carrie Underwood season, I'm pretty sure I didn't watch until the top two.  Most of the seasons, I skip all the trash talk in the beginning - hate seeing them make fun of so many people.  But this season, I watched it all and was pleasantly surprised that it seemed like they weren't quite as mean. 

I've liked Lee from the beginning.  Crystal was great, too but I don't really like the style of music she gravitated to.  Lee sang songs I loved and he just had a great voice.  Crystal needed a break - a better life for her son.  I get that.

The problem is I've seen a ton of posts on Facebook today about how Crystal should have won and the posters are blaming the voters.  People are saying Crystal is more talented than Lee, etc.

Here's my beef.  First, I'll say I've voted for Lee all along.  I voted A LOT Tuesday night.  We watched the series finale of 24 after Idol and I pretty much called in and voted through the whole two hours of 24.  (Sorry Jack Bauer)  I voted for Lee because I thought he was good.  I thought he grew the most throughout his IDOL journey.  I think he consistently improved over time.

Crystal didn't really improve any - she was great from the beginning.  That's not necessarily a bad thing - I'm just saying she was good all along.  There weren't many bad nights for her.  BUT, with that being said - she didn't sing songs I loved, she didn't have a voice I wanted to hear over and over.  She was good - great even - and I won't turn off the radio when she comes on, but I knew I wouldn't run out and buy her CD the day it's released.

Is it wrong that I voted for Lee because I preferred his taste and music over Crystal's?  I don't think so.  Did she give a better performance than Lee on the last Tuesday night?  Some think so - but again, if it's not my taste then I'm probably not going to think she did better. 

It just bugged me that people think you should vote on the 'best performance' instead of the person you actually like because honestly, what I think is a best performance is not going to be the same as someone else's best performance.  People vote for their favorite - they watch and love a performer for whatever reason. 

I guess this is the first time I've seen such a large amount of people saying things about the winner.  Or about their favorite that didn't win.  Thank social networking for that I guess.

In the end, I'm just bummed that people aren't happy with the winner.  In the end, they'll both get a record deal.  More times that not, the contestants that don't win still have a great career.  I mean look at Kellie Pickler - she's having a great career right now and didn't make it to the top 2.  Bucky Covington isn't doing too bad either.  Danny Gokey - same thing.  I think, either way, the top two will be something one day. 

I know people have a right to their opinion and I don't care if they share it - in the end, I'm just surprised about it!  There were seasons where my favorite didn't win, but I didn't blame anyone else.  If anything, I thought I should have voted more!

That's all - just had to get my thoughts out and didn't want to do it on Facebook!



Linh C. said...

Well said!

I agree with everything you said. Look at Adam Lambert from last year. He's done very well and he didn't win. I never remember the winner's last name, Chris...who? Sure, he was cute, got better as the season went along, etc. but I didn't like him as much as Adam Lambert. Adam is like Crystal this year. They were performers before coming on IDOL, were consistently good, but didn't grow as much as some of the others. I know Crystal will do well, and like Chris...Allen said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest on last night's show, it's not like you win $1 million dollars if you win IDOL. The only thing I would change about IDOL is having the judges rate the contestants and have their scores considered with the viewers's votes, like on Dancing With the Stars.

Danielle said...

Girl, I understand. I don't claim to understand. I liked them both, and personally I liked Crystals musical style more. But, I was just as happy to see Lee win. They both have bright futures ahead of them :)


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