Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm so ready to make Christmas Crafts

So, I spent most of the day today unpacking boxes of Christmas Crafts. You know - all those glittery pipe cleaners and pom poms, little wooden thingies you can paint or cover with paper, little teeny ornaments, buttons and more! WOW - I got about a gajillion ideas for gifts and decorations! Tons of these things were really cute and I thought of some cute stuff I could do - but then I saw jingle bells and buttons .................. wait for it ................. with polka dots!! Red, Gold and Silver bells with white polka dots. Red, Gold and Silver round buttons (two sizes) with polka dots. AND stars in red, gold and silver - with polka dots. I mean, seriously - I love polka dots! They were oh so cute! I almost wish we could fast forward through the rest of August, the beginning of September (with a brief pause around the 18th of September for my b'day), then go ahead and fast forward until right before Halloween. I mean, I love decoration for Halloween, too - but DANG the Christmas stuff was so cute!!!

So anyone else out there start working on Christmas crafts when it's still really hot outside? And Christmas is really still far away? I'm I the only one?

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Michelle Whitlow said...

I've already started thinking about and making Christmas crafts!!! Something about school being back in session makes me want to fast forward straight to fall!


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