Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A great week usually starts with a great weekend

This past weekend I managed to swing a trip to Villa Rica for the Sweet Memories Birthday Bash Crop. Before pulling out of town, I started to feel the feeling in the back of your throat - when it hurts to swallow a bit and then your nose is a bit runny and you just have a headache you can't get rid of! UGH! Well, Saturday was worst - I felt horrible - but weathered the storm and really enjoyed hanging out with girlfriends and scrapbooking. I did several layouts and worked on a few little mini albums (photos to come - later). The event was awesome! Lots of fun - lots of little special touches. It was great. Slept a bit better Saturday night and felt a little better Sunday. Has some fun taking pictures Sunday morning with the girls. Scrapped some more. And then we headed home!

Monday, I really still felt crappy. Not as stuffy but my cough was terrible and then my back started hurting. Again - UGH! I hate colds. Had a nice meeting Monday evening with Cole's teacher. She's super! We're really lucky! Before the meeting, got a call from Michael's Art and Crafts. I had applied a while back but there weren't any current openings. Well, now there are openings - so I had an interview the next day! YAY!! And even better, got hired on the spot! Awesome!!

So, I start tomorrow! I'm super excited! Can't wait to get to work.

but for now, I'm going to rest up. My back is better, but I'm still coughing a wee bit today!

OH tomorrow night we'll be doing the Founders Day dinner with Ronald McDonald House. They are honoring Gene Stallings! (roll tide) So, I'm sure I'll be pooped by tomorrow evening! But, that's okay - a job is a great thing! And doing anything for the Ronald is amazing! Can't wait!



Nubia said...

Are you working at the Michaels at Hoover? Because we could so get together for lunch and stuff!

Tracy said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling bad lately. :( On the bright side, YAY for the job!! You will be GREAT!


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