Monday, October 1, 2007

SIStv Rocks!!

So there's this fabulous site ~ SIStv ~ and I've spent tons and tons of time there. I just uploaded all my altered projects from the weekend and the coolest thing is I can link it from there to here and show you all my fun stuff!! So below - there are some 'widgets' of my portfolio at SIStv. I think you can put your mouse over the photos and get a menu to look at the pictures and my whole portfolio! (if what I do actually works when I post it - wish me luck)

I've been taking a series of classes at my LSS ~ Scrap Etc. ~ with Shelley, called "Get Creative". We've gotten creative with magazines, music and now trash! This has really been fun! I'm one of those girls that can 'see' something out of nothing - but Shelley 'sees' way more than me! Now I've been saving packages and KFC chicken buckets - but really didn't have any idea what I would DO with them. Shelley found fun things for us to do with some of our trash. We made a mini album with packaging from our child's toys, snacks, favorite things. We altered a trash can so that we'd have a pretty place to toss those things we want in our mini book - things that aren't really trash!! We also altered an AOL box - and it was so very cute - I have a few more things I want to do to it, I just didn't finish it yet - so much fun! And we took packaging from a set of stamps and turned it into a memo board - dry erase section and a cork board! So now Shelley has me looking at things in a different way. I've always tried to think of what I can make with something that has no obvious use anymore but rarely come up with anything - I think now I will. We even used bubble wrap to stamp on a layout - which I haven't finished but loved doing what I did get done. So here's some pictures - you can click on the link for the menu and go check it all the fun stuff i did!!

I worked on a few other things this weekend too - a clipboard and composition notebook for Cole's teacher's birthday. I'm also doing an altered canvas today for her - she got married over the summer, so that's helpful when you need gift ideas and you see all the things that could be replaced in her room - with her new name!! And I did a baby gift too - something I didn't know about ahead of time, so this was a last minute attempt but I think it turned out nice.

All those fun things were done Friday and Saturday. Yesterday there was no scrapping - but it was a great day. I went to visit a church with some friends. It was really great. My whole life - well until I was 25, was spent in the catholic church. I did go to other churches with friends through high school and got involved in youth groups and all that. But in the church I grew up in, the youth wasn't that important. There weren't groups for us to join until I was in high school - near the end of high school actually and it wasn't what my friends in other churches were doing. Just wasn't enough for me, I think. I quit going to my church after I got divorced. My ex's family attended there and it was just strange - I didn't want to bump into them, didn't want to answer questions from friends either - so I just avoided it. I never found a church in Mobile either that I felt at home in. So now that we are back in Birmingham, I still have the need to find somewhere I fit and feel comfortable. And I want Cole to have the same thing. I don't want him to feel like he has to go to church and dread it as Jason and I both did growing up. So the search has begun! I really enjoyed going yesterday. It was really different from what I'm used to. The catholic church is very structured and quiet and there's no clapping and electric guitars or drums or any of that. So that takes some getting used to - I almost feel like I'll get in trouble - you aren't supposed to make all that noise! :) I really liked the pastor though and the message was great. Jason and I talked a lot about it yesterday and I think he'll go with me next time. I was excited to go back next Sunday but just realized we'll have to wait a week - we have tickets to the Nascar race on Sunday. I got those for Jason for father's day - so the week after, we will go back! And I hope Jason likes it. It'll take some getting used to for me, just the difference in the way the service goes, but I will definitely go back and try it out for a while. They do great things there with the kids too - I can't wait for Cole to go. I think he'll like it! I hope he does.

Well, lets post this and see what happens with my photos - I'll probably get it wrong four or five times - but we'll see!!


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Chemo Mom Tammy said...

Yay Lisa! I am glad you have found somewhere you think your family will be able to worship together! I guess we get at that point in our lives when we remember how we grew up and what we want and don't want for our own kids. I hope they have a special place for Cole. It will be great for him to have more friends and you and Jason can meet some other parents yourself! I know our church has been our lifeline these past 2 years - I could never give them up!!!
Talk to you soon!


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