Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Scrap Space

I've been working on cleaning up my scrap area. Organizing it for the most part. I don't have a dedicated room, but I have a closet and some cabinets and some walls!! I've turned the laundry room into a scrap storage space. On a side note, Jason and I have been doing the Atkins diet (go meat) since mid June and I've lost 30 pounds, but that's not the point. We finally found out we could eat fried chicken from KFC. Their carb count is pretty low - a chicken leg has only 2 carbs. So we started eating KFC fairly often and I just felt like saving the buckets would be a good thing. I ended up with four buckets and evidently they prefer to seperate our chicken into boxes now, so I haven't gotten anymore buckets lately.

Now what in the world can you do with a chicken bucket, you may ask - well I'll tell you - paint it and put stuff in it! So I spray painted four buckets today, doodled a 'title' on the front and put them in my cabinet!! They turned out cute - and my finger and thumb are sore from spray painting. But it was a great day for it. It was beautiful outside - but windy and the plastic I was spray painting ON kept blowing around. I tried several times last week to do this and it was overcast or rainy. I feel like I accomplish a good bit today!! That doesn't happen often.

I hung up some things in my scrappy space, got my buckets, made low carb chili for supper, and downloaded/uploaded/synced/whatever 61 songs to my little cousins new IPOD nano. She won this in a school fundraiser. She sold more Yankee Candles than anyone else and got this cool little IPOD. So she picked some of her fav cd's from her mom's collection and we uploaded them to my laptop, and synced or whatever to her IPOD! Fun Times!

Our week has flown by. We spent Sunday watching cars go in circles - at a NASCAR RACE!! So much fun! I'd never been to a race and watched from the stands. I've been to one race at Talledega before but sat in the infield and couldn't see a thing! So that was really fun. That was Jason's Father's Day gift this year. We stocked up on JJ Yeley merchandise which was super cheap ($3 shirts and hats) even though he won't be number 18 next year. We love him - he's a good guy. He actually went to St. Jude and met one of our little cancer friends (Jake) and spent time in ICU with him and his family. He also promised his first win trophy to Jake. Jake passed away last year on October 5th, so this past Friday was the anniversary of his passing. So it would have been amazing for JJ to win this past weekend and us to see it! But he finished 18th. But I cheered for him the whole time!!

We are getting ready for football this weekend - and hopefully make a trip to a pumpkin patch this weekend. I can't wait to take pictures of Cole with the pumpkins and I would love to paint a really cool pumpkin or two. The library is having a pumpkin contest - so I would love to do something cool for that!

So here's pics of my buckets and scrap area! Thanks for looking - lisa


luv2scrapmilestones said...

I can not believe you painted and decorated chicken buckets....all I can say is "GO GIRL." I love how your mind thinks. So cute!!!!! Isnt that the great think about being a scrapbooker....everyday trash around the house becomes an opportunity.

You rock!

Pearl Maple said...

Great idea to recycle your chicken buckets, they are looking 'hot' :) on the shelf.

Thanks for your kind comments on the blog about the vintage stocking. There will be more posts every weekend for the next 4 weeks in the process of unveiling the whole collection.

Heather said...

Lisa, those are too damn cute!


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