Thursday, April 19, 2007

Photo Shoot!

We've been playing the last two days and taking photos of my adorable younger cousins! I tried to use some of the tips from a photography class I was in at the Scrap Etc. Event. A few of them worked, but I just don't have the right spot in my house for picture taking with natural light. But I think they are ok! It helped that I had willing models. I'm not sure how successful I'll be if I try the same thing with Cole. BUT - I will try! :)

Here are my favorite shots!

Have a wonderful day! And enjoy the people around you! I have been this week - and sadly, they go home today! Cole is already giving us 'the lip' - that's what Hunter calls it when he pouts. She said something, can't remember what, and Cole pouted and she says "Oh no! He's giving me the lip!" Sounds like a great page to scrapbook huh? Anyway, I've already told him the girls have to leave today and he's pouting about it. The usual bribes haven't worked yet - trip to Walmart for a new Cars hotwheel, MawMaw's house, McDonald's and Karate. He said those weren't good ideas. So hopefully he'll be ok when they leave - if all else fails, we still have Happy Feet to watch. How can you be sad when you're watching HAPPY FEET??? I don't think it's possible!

Anyway - off to do another load of dishes and get some laundry going. All the other girls are still sleeping so I have to be quiet!


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