Saturday, February 17, 2007

On the road again......

We are heading out today to Hueytown and then tomorrow we start the drive to Memphis. Cole has a BIG check up at St Jude this next week. We'll be there Sunday thru Friday!!! A long week! But we know everything will be fine - but if you get a chance, say a little prayer for Cole and that everything will be ALL CLEAR!

I've been so busy lately with school stuff and Valentine's and trying to get in some scrapbooking. I've done four pages in a month - THAT'S IT! Those were for a Design Team try out on the Paper Place Scrapbook Community Board. Cross your fingers for me and the other girls trying out!! I hope we ALL make it! :) I've been working on gathering my things for the Scrap Etc Event in March. We're trading cards with each other - like business cards, but these are fun friend cards instead. I have about half of mine done and I'm taking the rest with me this week to work on!

Ok - I'm SURE you are bored now! I'm outta here - gotta finish packing!

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kelly said...

hay lisa..when you gonna giveus an update?


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