Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5th, 2005

A little more of Cole's journey - this is what I wrote about February 5th, eight years ago.

As a result of not being able to move around, Cole was very stiff.  He would cry in pain when we tried to move him to his right side instead of the left he had been on for so long.  Once we got him to lie on the right side, this helped the stiffness, but we noticed how weak the left side was now.  This was nerve damage from the surgery.

Days later, we were moved out of ICU and into a small room on the regular floor.  Unfortunately, we still had the baby crib though.  A neurologist came to see us and talk about the future.  His idea of Cole's future and ours didn't go well together.  He was very discouraging.  This was the first time we had every been faced with a doctor that told us so bluntly what to expect.  We would later realize that he was giving us the worst case scenario and that wasn't acceptable to the three of us.  Later, Cole would prove this to be true and he continued to fight so hard to be a typical little boy!

***I remember being so worried about Cole not ever being able to use his left hand again, being able to walk, etc.  Later we were told to get used to a walker, or even a wheelchair.  Well, Cole showed them!!  Thank God for that!!


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