Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catching up

I've been neglecting my blog again!! Not that anyone noticed though.  You may be wondering what I've been up to - or maybe not.  Well, I'll tell you either way!  Many of you know I've been trying to find a teaching position for the last four years.  Each school year starts and I'm sad again that I don't have my own classroom.  There are about 700 applicants for each job I've applied for.  There are a lot of 'me' out there and how do you stand out in 700 people.


So, this school year began and I continued to look for a job in the teaching field and branched out to just find a job.  Any job.  Well, not any job - but a decent job.  I have a friend who runs the Christmas shop in the local mall.  So, I talked with her and BAM - got a job.  It didn't start right away but I'll take it.  I loved working retail at Christmas when I was wrapping gifts.  I didn't like it as much working at a craft store - too crazy.  I was really excited about the plans.

Then I found out there was an opening at Cole's school.
Then I got an interview.
Then I found out there was a full time position and a tutoring position, too.
Then I was subbing and the principal found me in the hall.

I didn't get the full time position but I did get a tutoring position.  Now I have more jobs than I need.  Typical, right?

Well, at first it was just for a month, then we've been extended 6 more weeks.  There are two of us tutoring for now.  I found out yesterday that they want me to stay on through the ARMT testing, which I believe is in March.

I'm a wee bit excited.  A million things went through my head instantly.  First, I need more clothes.  Second, I need more goodies in my treat basket.  And third, OH MY GOSH I'M ALMOST A TEACHER!!!  It's a big deal to be in the school every day, helping the kids, earning a paycheck - a consistent schedule.

So, now I won't be working like crazy at the Christmas shop, but I'll still work a little - it'll be too much fun not to!  And hopefully my wardrobe will increase a bit soon and I'll get out some things from storage that I can use in my room.  I don't really have my own classroom, but I'll be sharing with another teacher.  I'm hoping she'll be okay with me putting some stuff up - it's just a little plain to me.  I can't wait!!!!

I'm also going to paint a cute little pencil on burlap and put my name, that I can hang in the room - in my corner!!

Off to plan some math lessons!!


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