Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little Easter fun

Wow - two days in a row - wonder how long I can keep this up!

I mentioned yesterday that I had a fun project to show - it's nothing spectacular, but I had fun making it and wanted to share.  I've seen a million fabulous ideas on blogs for Easter decorating.  I have a storage container full of stuff, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to pull out all the same old things again.  I picked a few favorite pieces and then starting thinking of what I could come up with that was 'new' to me.

I really love banners and garland and I have the perfect spot to hang them - in our entry way from the foyer to the dining room, which currently is more like the toy room.  At any given time, you'll find Power Rangers or a Bat Mobile under the table and possibly Winnie the Pooh hanging out on top of the table.  Anyway, I love the idea of hanging something in that doorway to greet me each day.

I went through the massive amount of plastic eggs and picked out eggs with a hole in each end, all the same size and then grabbed my new favorite spray paint - Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze - and got busy.  I spray painted all the eggs with a few coats (and found a million other things to paint but that's for another day).  So once they were all dry (I'm so impatient) I strung them together.  I wasn't crazy about the end result.  I cut the string and started over, grabbing a bowl of cotton balls.  Yes, cotton balls!  I just thought the idea of Easter eggs and bunny tails together would be cute - so I restrung them.

I saw someone post about colored doilies and I went out and found some of my own.  I decided to make a little doily banner to go along with my eggs.  Here's the end result:

And a close up of my eggs:

I love that the eggs are all the same color and I really think the bunny tails are fun!!

Thanks for looking.  More projects coming up soon!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog & for the sweet comment.

Your doily/egg banners are very cute!


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