Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodbye to Nine!

Today is the last day Cole will be nine.  Tomorrow is the big day - his 10th birthday!!  I thought I'd just write about his nine year old year. 

The big stuff:

Growing - you've been growing like a weed.  I love that you don't mind that stupid growth hormone shot every night.  You just take it like a big kid!!

Activities - you are still a Cub Scout and you love it most of the time.  You like the kids and you like going to the meetings.  I love that you have stuck with this - longer than anything else!! I'm proud of you for that!

Learning - you are learning so much.  School is really hard for you, but you try.  You've learned short cuts and ways to figure out math a little quicker and that's a good thing! You are trucking right along on multiplication, too and that makes me happy.

Reading - you still won't read independently but you'll read with me and still want me to read to you.  My Weird School Daze are favorites.  Along with Nate the Great, once in a while.  Your favorite book at school is about the planets - you know lots of planet facts and that surprised me.

Playing - you still love to play with your toys - piles of toys everywhere actually.  Toy Story 3 is your favorite, still.  Buzz and Woody are everywhere!!!  You are big into chain reactions!  You got a PS3 for Christmas and have been plugging away at beating some games!! 

What you like to watch - still the same old cartoons, but more iCarly, more Phineas and Ferb and lately, you've wanted to watch the Power Rangers.  You love Winter Wipeout now and will watch American Idol with me once in a while, too.

Music - still a huge fan.  You love your Paper Jams instruments and love to listen to your Brad Paisley cd in your room and sing along.  (Never mind that you are singing 'Alcohol')

Friends - you still don't have a best buddy in your class.  You still really like Alison and Zoey and you miss Madison, since she moved to another school.  You and Micheal are really good buds now.  You both are so much alike.  I love that he's your friend.  He's roughing you up a bit, too - wrestling around a little, etc - I like it!!

Your personality - well, it hasn't changed much - you are still that same sweet kid.  You've discovered a few more ways to get around doing what you are supposed to do.  You are stubborn.  You don't always follow directions the first time or the second, but we are working on that.  You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve.  I hope you toughen up a bit in this next year.  I don't want to see you so sensitive all that time.  I don't want little things to hurt you!!

I'm hoping that you'll continue to develop some good friendships and continue to try harder and harder at school.  I hope that you find more things you are interested in.  I hope that you become physically stronger, too.  I hope you continue to love going to church, too.

I just can't wait to see what the TENTH year brings.  I'm sure we'll have our share of frustrations as you become even more stubborn.  I'm sure we'll still have some sweet moments where you still tell me you love me and hug me, even in front of other people.  I know those moments are sure to end one day.  I'm just hoping it's not anytime soon!!

I love you sweet boy!! More than the stars in the sky...................



jackie said...

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to a very special 10 year old boy!!

His wife and their Momma said...

Happy birthday Cole! The Massey family thinks you ROCK!!


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